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Patience above! I haven’t written in a while. Despite my goal to write something daily Love, Life, and Work get in the way of more important things like writing. Meanwhile, I happened to take a photo of myself that turned out nice; I updated my blog profile with it. As my Australian patient told me: “there’s nothing like a new frock to brighten up your day.”

For some time I’ve been longing to write an entry of great worth of profound content and Attic wit. Unfortunately this isn’t it. The Muses (or someone like them) haven’t visited in a while, perhaps as they and their colleagues are away busy doing roles in the “Sandman” series, leaving me with nothing, worse luck. Small wonder the stats are down and comments few. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections is a little peeved at this and suggested if no theophany is coming I could at least make something up. Once upon a time having an active imagination was considered something good. Nowadays writing nonsense and inconsistencies is immediately pounced upon. Oh the embarrassment. Writing nonsense – or facts with one or two small equivocations – remains jolly good fun.

Spo-fans curious about my goings-on will be sorely disappointed to know nothing major is happening. I lead a dull life. I managed to muddle through another week without contracting covid-19 or monkey pox or any other germ du jour that may be mucking about, the Elantra with its engine light on hasn’t exploded (yet), and TBDHSR didn’t hang me by thumbs as they promised to do if I didn’t put out. All in all a sure sign of success really.

Someone is working all weekend so this gives me plenty of time to tidy up La Casa de Spo and make snickerdoodles or something and tend to The Harper Girl. I may even write an entry on dreams if this would be of interest. Reading blogs is paramount; I want to know how others are faring. Perhaps Wes has been ate by triffids or Moose and Dido (oh those crazy cats!) have been doing shennagins. Several blogger-buddies in Canada are/were up to no good that’s certain and need tending to.

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