Patience above! I am in the grips of abdominal abminale. Oh the pain. It must be something I ate although we can’t figure out what that may have been, since we more or less ate the same things since Friday evening. Regardless of the etiology it’s a no-fun time arriving Saturday night (in the middle of a play, no less!).. Taking the Christian Scientist approach I have told the bug it is only error and tried to un-see it. Unfortunately it refuses to un-see me. It shows no signs of letting up even after reading “The Scientific statement of being.’ I guess it is no use but to just wait it out. Avoid curried snacks – and everything else for that matter. I have fasting blood work to do tomorrow morning before work, so it’s an ill wind that blow nobody good.

Yesterday before the storm I got out some of the Halloween trimmings. The outside lights are changed from white to orange. I found my spooky whimsical masks made in October 2020. Good thing I kept them! The Halloween advent tree is out with two ornaments hung so far. So begins the season.

I am quite behind in my blog reads for which I am contrite. As I am not going anywhere today (all trips canceled)* I should have plenty of time to catch up on them.

Tune in tomorrow for something more substantial to read why dotcha.

*I just remembered: I have a 2pm appointment for a flu shot. I will go out and get that at least.