What’s top of my mind: My innards. Last weekend something nasty set up shop in my lowers to create a few days of GI hijinks and shenaniganary. The majority of it has passed (figuratively and literally) but there are some aftershocks that occasionally take me by surprise. It is a grim reminder to avoid curried snacks. On the positive I can fit into some trousers again.

Where I’ve been: The pharmacy for my flu shot.
Every year for decades I am a good doctor and citizen and get my flu shot and I’ve never had any problems with them. However after this recent one I did have 24 hours of mild aches/malaise and fever/chills. I must have gotten a good dose. I see this as a positive sign: my body is reacting to the vaccine, doing its duty mounting a response in case the real McCoy dares cross my path. Good.

Where I’m going: A dinner/lecture on ketamine. The Boss me to attend a dinner/lecture on ketamine, (the nasal route-type) in anticipation of setting up shop to prescribe such. I am regularly invited to these sorts of dinner lectures, but I always decline in favor of going to the gym. It will be my first one in ages. They are always held at some swanky restaurant in town and it involves some polite powwowing with my fellow wizards at table, most of them there for the meal and don’t much pay attention to the lecture that follows. I clarified with The Boss am I to focus on the clinical aspects of the Rx and not on the the set-up how to administer it. Nasal spray ketamine for the treatment of depression involves the patient coming to clinic, getting a snort up the nose and laying about x thirty minutes in observation they don’t dissociate (after all it is a psychedelic). Groovy.

What I’m watching: Dracula. I have never seen this classic, can you imagine? I put it down every October and then it doesn’t work out. I heard there is a different version in which a different cast (speaking Spanish) redid the movie scene by scene as there were no subtitles at the time. It is said the Spanish version has better acting.

What I’m reading: The Halloween Moon. I have a handful of Hallowe’en books to read this month, starting with Mr. Joseph Fink’s (of “Welcome to Night Vale’ fame) book about a 13yo girl determined to go trick-or-treating one last time only to have the night become something resembling a “Twilight Zone” episode. I read mostly at night and I want to keep turning the pages and not go to sleep, which are signs for a good book.

What I’m listening to: Bone and Sickle. This podcast is a very clever history-based entertainment on all things spooky. It is well-researched and well-presented and presented in a humorous vein. I’m listing to some past episodes containing newspaper articles about Halloween parties and shenanigans from the early 1900s. Jolly good fun!

Yummi Gummi

What I’m eating: Gummi bears. I allow myself a few sweets some indulgences at this time of year, which includes orange, yellow, and black gummi bears. Last year I ordered them too early; in the ardent heat that is late summer here in AZ they arrived as a sordid blob of bad-looking rubber. Oh the pain. I hope this year’s parcel stay solid.

Who needs a good slap: Candy corn nay-sayers. Every October meanies send me jokes picking on this iconic Halloween sweet. The usual slurs are along the line of ‘Satan’s earwax” or memes suggesting blindfolded types cannot taste the difference between candy corn and an orange crayon found in the junk drawer. Oh the slander.

On my 1-5 scale, I give the lot of them two slaps.

Who gets the fist bump: Nobody. Alas I can’t think of anyone this week who did a good deed or stood up to justice. 😦

What I’m planning: Cupcakes. Thems at work are asking when will I next bring in some more holiday goodies. Cupcakes are good, especially if they are chocolate-based. What makes them apropos for the season are the toppings, such as orange and yellow sprinkles or marshmallow pumpkins or candy eyes, that sort of thing. I want to look online and in my cookbooks for something with a little more élan.

What’s making me smile: Corny Hispanic Jokes. One of my friends is sending me ‘Hispanic jokes”, which I suppose is OK as he is Hispanic. His latest:

A Mexican magician tells the audience he will disappear on the count of three. He says, ‘uno, dos….” and POOF!! He disappeared without a tres!