The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections says I need to stop with “The Halloween and Dungeons and Dragons stuff” as it is boring the tunics off the Spo-fans. Like I do with the pharm reps when they say something amazing, I question their sources and data. Their usual response is “Don’t question me” or to throw rocks. I asked what they think would be a good topic to write upon and I got no clear answer. The Muses (or someone like them) figured rocks is as good as anything so there it is.

I’ve recently started carrying rocks around. I do this in a backpack. Walking remains one of the best exercises for body and soul and I try to walk regularly, first with Harper and then without her, going 30 minutes per day for now. The rocks are a new thing, recently learned via a podcast lauding its merits for stamina and posture and just about everything else. It makes sense I suppose for we are designed for walking and for carrying. No other species does either like we do. Our ancestors didn’t ‘run’. The women hauled things like kids and baskets while the men-folk trotted and walked until their prey became exhausted from their diligence and then they had to haul the animal home on their backs and there was much rejoicing.

I live in a neighborhood with dry gullies designed to steer the rainwater in times of flash floods. These are strewn with large stones, some the size of muskmelons. As I walk I stop and load/unload weight as needed. Mind! I am quite new at this, so I am starting ‘low and going slow’ as it were, using only a few rocks for now with until my stamina improves. It looks odd from afar but no one yet has called the cops to complain about that crazy man with rocks.*

I hope this leads to all sorts of good things like stronger bones, better posture, better metabolism, and less ammunition for TBDHSR. I read it is better on the knees than jumping about in a class or running (which is an exercise I never cared for).

I take a few choice rocks home from time to time and paint them gay colors and put them out in front for the neighbors to grumble about. I only take and paint the pretty ones, no rubbish or igneous types, and I am always careful to look under each lifted rock so as to not bring home a scorpion that was making its home underneath. Oh the horror.

*I am thinking of getting a stuffed Yoda to have peeking out from the top of the backpack to add some humor to the scenario.