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The other day I connected the dots to discover I probably do a lot of mansplaining. I don’t do the usual type, thank goodness. I don’t tell people in a patronizing way they are wrong and I am right and let me tell you why – or so I hope. My type of mansplaining is more along the line of Mr. Know-it-all* so excited about facts I want to share them without first pausing to consider if the listener really wants to know about The Wat Tyler Rebellion or the difference between the words ‘continual’ and ‘continuous’ or whatever piece of useless data that happens to be first and foremost in my frontal cortex. My zeal to accumulate all knowledge – and share with others – is a long time tedious trait in need of careful watching.

Work is a bit different that people are paying me to know things and up to date on stuff too. I learned early in medical school I wasn’t the brightest bulb in my class but if I explained things patients thought me a genius. The staff at work are a different matter they are sort of a captive audience not easily able to tell me to flake-off I’m working and no I don’t care to know about the Oort Cloud.**

I know I am not alone having a zeal to share knowledge and trivial tit-bits. Most of my travel-buddies are scientists who are all too eager to tell you at the drop of a hat over breakfast all there is to know about rocks, beetles, and 17th-century Europe*** Happily most of the time I lean forward as this is exactly the sort of stuff I relish.

Poor Someone. I regularly walk into the room where he is watching TV or working on line to share with him some interesting thing I just learned. He’s a captive audience like the staff at work as well but he he more leverage to tell me to flake-off I’m working. Bless him! He never directly tells me to go away stop bothering me, He has a sort of grin that goes on/off quick as a quarter-note to register he’s heard my little science report and returns to what he was doing until I came along. Family has learned not to trigger me with statements such as “I wonder what X is about” although come to think of it Brother #3 and to some extent Brother #2 do similar.****

I am doing a better job at keeping my mansplaining to a minimum and only telling facts and data if asked but it ain’t easy. I am like a soggy piñata that will unleash all sorts of goodies at the slightest tap. As Spo-fans know, on occasion I write on topics in a way just to get it out of me. At least here if you don’t like it you don’t have to read it. 🙂

*Someone calls me “Doctor Smarty-pants who reads a lot of books”.

**It’s really interesting. Go have a look-see online why dontcha.

***All in all a bad time.

****Brother #4 does so as well but it is limited to Sports. Oh the horror.

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