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It’s cooled off considerably here in The valley of the sun and it’s clouded over. It feels like Alaska without the rain. The air-conditioner, which was going non-stop for months, has shut down into its winter hibernation. The screen door is allowed to say open which allows Harper in and out access as she pleases. Like the Rum Tum Tugger she’s always on the wrong side of every door. For awhile this is remedied until it becomes cold enough to keep doors closed. 

Given my 100% Nordic genetics and Midwestern stock you would think I would be impervious to the cold and once upon a time I was but no more I’m not. Living in AZ gets one accumulated to 40C – 50C temperatures that when it drops below 20C it feels positively gelid. 

Age is another factor. Old folks lose heat from their extremities at an enormous clip and I have arrived to this condition. Patience above! I’m turning into my father again. He is always cold even in summer. He always wants his ‘fleece’ around his shoulders at all times. I used to think this daft but this season I feel similar. Oh the horror.

At the end of the bed is a trunkful of blankets and comforters which I am using to wrap myself burrito-style wherever I am sitting. It’s hard to remember not too long ago I couldn’t get the bedroom cool enough for a good night’s sleep and now I am dragging the space heater around me like Jacob Marley with his chains.

Hot drinks help. I have a collection of Celestial Teas to help keep me warm when proper tea is not indicated.* Sometimes while sitting I put on the laptop a virtual fireplace whose flames and crackles somehow feels warming to see and hear.  

Of course things would be better if we turned the heat on.  Someone never feels the cold and turning on the heat is discouraged until it become ‘too much’ which sometimes doesn’t happen until mid-January. By then Urs Truly resembles The Little Match Girl or Mr. Disney in his Frigid-aire. Oh the pain. 

The cold season feels long as a Helliconia Winter but in time it passes and soon the AC at La Casa de Spo is again going allegro non troppo and the ardent heat of spring and summer have me longing for colder days. Maybe in global warming will remedy the cold temperatures and we will all have to move to Alberta to experience cool climes to again enough to wear our fleeces. 

*As a general rule I avoid caffeinated beverages after 3PM lest I develop insomnia. 

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