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What’s top of my mind: Thanksgiving. We will make a modest dinner of turkey, stuffing, and Kung Pao Brussel Sprouts, along with a sweet potato souffl├ę. Someone likes pumpkin pie, so he will make one for Small Chocolate Cone. This ‘modest dinner’ will provide many meals for us, including turkey for soup and a pot pie. Gew├╝rztraminer is the official wine at Thanksgiving.

Where I’ve been: On the floor of the grocery store. I was at Uncle Albertsons the other day and wanting unsalted peanuts for Kung Pao Brussels and Deviled Peanuts. The peanuts are located on the lower shelf and all the ones out front and visible were gone. I can’t squat down that far anymore to reach in the for what may be in the back. I looked around to see if the coast was clear and I lay down in the aisle to extend my hand to the get those last two jars just out of easy reach. Just as I retrieved them a stately dame came around the corner with her full shopping cart and almost ran me over. Oh the embarrassment. She was not paying attention as she was gabbing on her phone. In her defense I don’t suppose she expected to see a man spread out on the floor in the snack section holding his nuts and struggling to stand erect.*

Where I’m going: Black Friday sale (sort of). For his birthday prize Someone wants a TV for we’ve been bereft of one for up to a year, so it is off to Best Buy (or something like it) this weekend we go. Sooner I’d eat rats at Tewkesbury than enter a store the weekend after Thanksgiving but there it is. We need one with precise measurements, so we won’t be overwhelmed by too many choices and mammoth screens wide as boats.

What I’m watching: The Who (David Tenant).
We are almost done with the episodes with Mr. Tenant. I will be sad to see him go. I hear tell he will be filling in for Dr. Who in the current series until the proper one is available. Someone thinks we should jump right to that one and skip the next Doctors (three of them?) but I won’t have it. The next incarnation after Mr. Tenant seems a nice fellow and he wears bow-ties so that’s a good sign.

What I’m reading: ‘The Krampus’ by Al Ridenour. Mr. Ridenour wrote a book on the full history of this fine fellow. I’ve become more attracted to the dark side of Christmas/Solstice season. It certainly doesn’t lack for variety of bogey-men and witches. Most cultures in Northern climes have a few of these sorts.** I think it would be jolly good fun to dress up as one of these frights one of these Decembers. I think I would be a good Krampus, but I probably resemble more The Belsnickel.

What I’m listening to: The Messiah. ‘No Christmas music” before Thanksgiving, but afterwards is the rule. I have a sort of progression of holiday music which starts with Mr. Handel’s oratorio (in E-flat). I like hearing this one early in the season, between Thanksgiving and the first of December.

What I’m eating: Edam cheese. Latter-day Spo-fans may not know it is a tradition in the Spo clan to have edam cheese with the pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. After all, we are one quarter-Dutch. Grandfather would get a large red-wrapped globe of the stuff from Holland Michigan. He would cut off the top along the “Arctic circle” and gouge out chunks with a specific silver cheese spoon. I buy a more modest one the size of a large hamburger patty (probably made in Wisconsin) and eat it with relish. Someone doesn’t care for cheese with pie, he likes whipped cream, which he whips from liquid – no rubbish types out of a cannister.

Do you eat cheese with your pie? Whipped cream rather? Ice cream? Do tell.

Who needs a good slap: The sore loser in race for AZ governor. The loser, whom I refer to as Serena Joy, won’t admit defeat and plans to drag this out kicking and screaming until (she hopes) people succumb and declare her the winner. It wasn’t too long ago the GOP demanded voting recounts in Maricopa County, which was costly, repetitive, and in the end still didn’t show anything – yet they never admitted they were mistaken. Taking a leaf from this book Serene Joy is going to do similar. A man with the government here in town is now in hiding from death threats from her minions, which she won’t publicly condemn. I sense she is hoping they do a Jan 6 coupe here in town on her behalf.

On my 1-5 scale, I give Go-jump-in-the-lake 5 slaps.

Who gets the fist bump: The nieces. I wanted to send a photo of The Yule Cat to Princess-Goddess the other day via Brother #3. He texted to just send it directly to her. I wasn’t aware she had a cellphone, since when? He responded with the cryptic two-word reply ‘middle school”. I got her number and texted her, telling her straightaway who I was with photo so she wouldn’t think I was some perv-stranger who was after her. Right away she texted back and we had a lovely text chat, in which she used full sentences. I asked if Warrior-Queen had a phone as well. It turns out she does so I texted her too. She was skeptical at first, informing me she was showing this to her parents for confirmation I was who I said I am before proceeding. Good for them for being careful and using proper sentence structures with their Uncle Spo.

Have you heard of kids in middle school having cellphones? This sounds not right.

What I’m planning: Turkey soup. I enjoy taking the turkey carcass and extracting as much meat for Someone to make a pot pie. I then take the carcass and put it in boiling water along with various vegetables to make turkey soup that I will put in the freezer (next to the pecans) for winter consumption. I think I enjoy the soup more than the actual turkey.

Anyone with any tips/recipes what they do with their turkey leftovers?

What’s making me smile: Formal dinnerware. The cupboards at La Casa de Spo are full up with several sorts of formal dinnerware, a collection of his, mine, ours, his mother’s, and my grandmother’s etc. We never use this stuff, having had no formal dinner in ages. At Thanksgiving I insist we pull out a few plates and wine goblets from one of them and have our dinner on proper china. It’s a bit tedious to wash up I know but it’s nice to use to formal gravy boat again along with the elegant glasses reserved for special occasions that never happen.

Do you have fancy dishes at Thanksgiving?

*That doesn’t sound right but The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections thought it funny and wanted it left unedited.

**Santa Claus is a wash for he has no Shadow side to round him out psychologically. Happily the good Dr. Seuss remedied this deficiency via The Grinch, who seems to be catching up to Kris Kringle in popularity.

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