I’ve identified another faerie that resides at La Casa de Spo. Besides the usual elves, there are The Tupperware Tomtes. Unlike the Car Key Gnomes or the Cup Sprites who move things about that are eventually found The Tupperware Tomtes take things that disappear for good. Someone the other day complained he couldn’t find a container with matching lid for some leftovers. This prompted a removal of all Tupperware and their ilk from their drawer to pair things up. Oh the horror. The above photo contains all for which there is no compatible top or bottom.* I once made a vow to always keep these things together and have the Tupperware drawer as orderly as The Buddha on Adderall. Neither have happened. Maybe it’s just not humanely possible especially when there are Tomtes about looking for containers for goodness-knows-what-for.

As you can see in the mismatch there are more container missing they’re lids than the other way around. The main missing types are oval-shaped like that of a Roman amphitheater. Rationalists in the home poo-poo my hypothesis missing socks are the result of worm holes in the time-space fabric that only a dryer can create are a slightly more open to the hypothesis lids are destroyed in the dishwasher over time and we have forgotten about it.**

What to do with the ones missing counterparts is not yet settled. I suppose there is an on-line Tupperware lid replacement site I should look for; no harm asking. Someone suggests we use them using cling-wrap or aluminum foil as substitutes for the missing lids. Another idea is to follow The Voice of Binky: toss them out. I hate to throw out the containers that have served me since the early 90s when I bought them in a Tupperware party.***

This ersatz Judgment Day of separating the sheep (matching sets) from the goats (non-matching sets) shows us how few sheep we have left. However this isn’t quite true. Most ‘sheep’ are in the freezer holding unmarked mystery meals that haven’t seen daylight or room temperature in ages. It reminds me to get them out and use’em dammit. I hesitate for two reasons. We are currently up to our oxters in Thanksgiving Day leftovers; we don’t need more from the freezer. Another reason is the sudden surge of matching Tupperware may make the Tomtes go into a purloined frenzy to separate such lovelies. It’s quite the nuisance having a household of mischievous sprites all set at moving and misplacing things.

Do you have troubles keeping containers and lids together?

*This is another one that doesn’t sound so good that The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections thought ribald enough to go unedited.

**Said Rationalists are downright against the notion of The Laundry Goblins and The Tupperware Tomtes as the cause of things going missing. He’s no fun he falls right over.

***Rumor has it the plastic used in older types of Tupperware aren’t good for use in hindsight and best to get rid of them for new and allegedly less-toxic types of Tupperware. I wonder if this is true or a mere marketing ploy to get you to buy new things.