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SIL #4 tested positive for covid on Thanksgiving Day’s Eve poor thing. She was to host at her house and be chief cook and bottle washer. Alas Babylon for the lot of them. T-day was canceled or delayed it is not certain which. No one sounded devastated by this. I think many were secretly relieved they didn’t have to help a full day making a meal that is consumed in a few minutes. Traditionally at Thanksgiving time, names are drawn over the pumpkin pie for the Spo-clan “Secret Santa”. This is a tradition I suspect many in my family would vote to do no more but being Midwesterners no one wants to be the one that instigates it. If they do dinner today I may hear by the end of the day we are doing it again. I am OK with this.

Spos far and wide* are pleased as Punch that yesterday The University of Michigan beat That-school-in-Columbus. Not only did they win, this happened in the dark heart of Ohio and done by a wide margin. This alliance of stars is rare as white buffalos so we take it when we can. There was much rejoicing – at least by the ones not sick with covid. I haven’t watched the game in decades as it is too nerve-racking to do so.

Rumor has it OSU has denied the outcome and will submit a lawsuit demanding a recount of the score as the game was stolen. 🙂

Thanks to a long weekend Sunday is bereft of there’s-work-to-be-done tasks. Someone and I need to figure out my insurance for 2023, the deadline being 2 December. Spo-fans may recall I missed last year’s deadline and I started the year in a gummy-panic facing a year sans insurance (that means without). You bet your knickers we’re not going to let this happen again. I have three Hobson choices to figure out which one is the least painful. I will have something not nothing. Fingers crossed.

Today I may get out some of the easier-to-find Christmas trimmings like the holiday tea-things and mugs and dinner napkins that sort of thing. I forgot Advent starts today and I am bereft of purple candles. Yesterday I wrote to Santa Bezos asking His Magnificence to send some toot suite. He or one of his minions wrote right back saying I must have patience and wait a few days. Ha! Remember when we had to wait weeks for something to arrive? The world didn’t seem to end for it.

That’s all the Sunday-Spo-bits there is I suppose. I lead a dull life. Today I plan on reading blogs and getting caught up with everyone’s shenanigans, hoping they are well and have a more interesting life than I have these days.

*The majority of them anyway. The branch of Spo who reside in Columbus aren’t so jolly.

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