The Advent arrived the other day. I forgot to order them early enough. Today is the second week of Advent so you can see I am behind by 50%. I should stop lighting an Advent wreath as it doesn’t evoke hope and excitement but dread and panic time is running out and I’ve done nothing for Christmas. It looks like another ‘non-Christmas’ for us there won’t be any time to do any decorating let along put up and trim a tree. Last year Someone worked so much he didn’t have time to get Christmas prizes and we postponed Christmas for New Years Eve. I suspect this will be the case this year. Who needs Advent candles to remind me of this?On the other hand I tend to fret each year I won’t get things done on time and somehow I do.

It is raining today and it so all day yesterday – “Alaska weather” I call it. Everything is cold and cloudy, This was unexpected but it is welcome for we always need the rain. If I can get the weekend chores done today I plan to get out some/any sort of XMAS decor to try to ho ho ho the place some. One of today’s tasks is to throw out what remains of the Thanksgiving leftovers. What’s left looks none too appetizing.

Each year I try to make new sorts of cookies just to try some. Yesterday I made Pfeffernusse Cookies, the recipe I found in my Christmas cookbook. Comparing the recipe to some online they certainly don’t lack for variety for all the spices one can put into them including actual pepper. My recipe called for a tablespoon of licorice liqueur which I don’t have so I used absinthe of which I have plenty. I thought the cookies turned out fair at best. For all the spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves etc.) the cookies were dry and not too complex, like my men. I will bring them to work and put’em down where the goats can get’em and next week I will try something else.

Anyone got a really good Christmas cookie recipe I can try? No rubbish types.

Good news from the office! The new computer arrived! The old one (may it rest in peace) was over ten years old and had stopped working. It was a large box with a small screen. The new contraption is opposite that the computer is about the size of a Kleenex box and the screen is as wide as a boat. This is good I won’t need glasses but on the bad it completely blocks my view of the patient sitting on the other side of the desk. On Tuesday I plan to go in early and rearrange the furniture to better feng shui and eye contact. As my Australian patient told me “there’s nothing like a new frock to brighten up your day”.

Speaking of work, I realized the other day no one mentioned having an office holiday party. Back before covid, back when the place was own by The Triumvirate (the three owners) each year they threw a splendid holiday party. Sometimes this was at a restaurant and sometimes at one of the owner’s homes. It was stopped for covid but seems no more. I will miss these parties for they were fun, especially the gift exchange which included ‘white elephant’ prizes that were often ‘stolen’. Perhaps The Overlords disapprove or don’t provide funds for such things.

I renewed my health care for 2023. Phew.

Does your workplace have an office party? Are these shindigs a thing of the past?

One final Sunday-spo-bit:

My family decided again to go ahead with the Secret Santa draw. I got Brother #4 and immediately I sent a text to SIL #4 asking her for advice. She got Someone and she wants help from me. Someone doesn’t ever say what he wants so we SIL #4 and I will be equally challenged what to get for him.*

Anyone doing a Secret Santa with their friends or relations?

*I make is easy for Someone and my Secret Santa. Throughout the year I put onto a list titled ‘Wants” anything that strikes my fancy of having some time. If anyone should ask I can readily tell them some ideas. So far nobody has asked, worse luck. What I want this year more than anything is a proper kitchen knife. Spo-fans looking to send something should keep that in mind ho ho ho.