Today’s Wednesday’s Ws is dedicated to Lisa Loring, who played Wednesday Addams in the TV series. She died earlier this week. The character has evolved over time and her Journey is a fascinating one, worth a blog entry some day.

What’s top of my mind: my relationship. I met Someone on 31 January 1997 – that’s 26 years ago. Can you imagine? The fact he’s stuck around despite my many faults is amazing; the fact how any two people can stay together this long is amazing. Let’s hope he doesn’t give up on me.

Where I’ve been: The weight rooms – when I can. Lately the two gyms where I go have seen a surge of new faces in the common category of young Hispanic men in their 20s (or younger) in groups of 4-5. They tend to all converge on a machine or bench. So far as I can tell they mostly stand around and gab or look at their cellphones – a lot more than actually working out. I wonder if they are members of a sports team or perhaps they are in a chorus. They look too thin for the one and too awkward for the other. Either way I wish they would scram as they get in my way says the old man.

Where I’m going:  The Hyundai dealership and The Phoenix Symphony. Now there’s a couple! The Elantra needs some sort of ‘time for a tune up’ based on miles (I forget which) and the Symphony is playing some Mendelssohn.

What I’m watching:  Scotland, PA. What a hoot! This version of “Macbeth” set in a small town in the Midwest in the 70s. The McBeths kill off their boss Duncan, the owner of Duncan’s diner, and make it their own. What a hoot! The 70s clothes and music is worth the price of admission.

What I’m reading:  The mystery of the singing serpent. This is another mystery in the “Alfred Hitchcock and the three investigators” series. What’s charming about these tomes is the villains are always apprehended and sent to jail and all is well. Mercifully there is no shooting.

What I’m listening to: ‘Let’s play Hnefatafl.‘ The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections gave me at Yule a Viking chess set and I’ve yet to learn how to play it. On The Tube of Yous a couple of chappies (who sort of look like board members) show how it’s done. The goal is to get the king (the tall fellow in the middle) out to one of the corners without being captured. Jolly good fun! I hope I can get Someone (or somebody like him) to play it with me. I’m not going to try a game with The-You-Know-Who as they play for high stakes like livestock or ring fingers.

What I’m eating: Grapefruit. Hot puppies! It’s that time of year! All the citrus trees in the neighborhood put out at the same time and everyone has massive amounts of oranges, lemons, and grapefruit. Sacks of the stuff are set out curbside for anyone to please take some. Lovely Grapefruit! These are my favorite and there are heaps. I will eat one every day until they are gone. They do a number on my blood pressure medication so I can cut back the dose for a while.

Who needs a good slap: GOP politicians. I realize this is low hanging fruit for there is no end to their nasty moves. The one presently burning my bacon is proposed legislature to forbid drag queens to be around/in the sight of children. This being done on the usual hysteria ‘save our children” emotions but it is really about mind control and suppression. I give them credit: this approach always works. There is zero evidence of men in drag molesting or abducting children. There is no legislature addressing real threats to children like white men with guns.

On my 1-5 scale, I give these sorts 4 slaps; for thems who believe this rubbish,5 slaps. Learn your history people! This is how tyrants take over!

Who gets a fist bump: My Good Morning Meme mates. Many of them (the dears!) are returning my near-daily good morning memes with memes of their own or with a photo from their neck of the woods. Sometimes they write a bit what’s happening in their lives that day. It makes my morning bright to hear from them.

What I’m planning:  Several appointments. In February I see The Good Dentist and The Good Doctor. Hector, Lord of Yards, is scheduled to trim the trees and sweep up the scorpions. Someone is in negotiations with a Mr. J. Pollack to paint the exterior of La Casa de Spo before the HOA does something to rival The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections in a losing game of Hnefatafl. Oh the horror.

What’s making me smile: My stomach and my backside. It’s only four weeks with The Personal Trainer but I am already seeing some progress. I am down 1.5 kilos in weight. My stomach is flattening and yesterday I saw some outline of the rectus abdominus muscles. My backside is becoming callipygian. I am pleased as Punch. Take that young Hispanic men in their 20s!