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Stinko. I have a cold. On Tuesday Someone went to the dental school for a checkup, where he sat in a chair with his mouth clamped open for some time in an open area surrounded by staff. He came home with a new crown and a bug. His voice has gone from husky to hoarse and his coughing is profound. I immediately took The Christian Scientist approach to unsee the virus as error and told it to go away.* Unfortunately the bug refused to unsee Someone and hopped over to Urs Truly. We took covid tests and they happily came up negative. It’s just your run-of-the-mill rhinoviruses.

My symptoms aren’t so bad. It is a conglomerate of a slightly sore throat with a non-productive cough (so far) and a general malaise with restlessness I want to do things anyway. I’ve postponed the usual Saturday activities of gym and errands to stay home and feel bummed. I’ve learned from experience nothing helps speed these things up and one has to wait. Strong hot teas are prescribed on the grounds they can do little harm.

When sick neither wants to sound like something out of “Diary of a mad housewife”. We tend to withdraw (he to the tub and me to the bed) and not bother the other, and wait. Someone believes in feeding a cold while I find eating the last thing I want to do. If I am sickly but functioning I will work from home on the laptop. Someone’s job is in public service; he’s one of those types who goes to work unless he is near death.

This is the first cold of the season for me, which is saying something. I’ve managed to maneuver through the winter going out in public and not catch anything – until now. I like to think my masking contributed to my success. I suppose it was just a matter of time Someone would come home with something, as is the case now.

Taking the ‘good’ approach, what’s ‘good’ about this damn thing is I don’t have to go out/go the gym or do anything really. I can get caught up in blogs and on-line tasks. I have lots of lovely books to read done under covers with Harper RN to keep me company. I may even work on a new Spo-shirt, something I haven’t done in ages.

While it is no fun being sick it could be a lot worse, and if this is my serving size I’m a fortunate fellow.

Anyone know a good recipe for Hot Toddy?

*I even read it “The scientific statement of being’.

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