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Thank you all who left ‘Get well soon’ thoughts in yesterday’s comments. My sore throat has progressed to a head full of phlegm with paroxysms of coughing, at times at hurricane velocities. Someone got it worse. I was supposed to meet with my Uncle David this morning; he and his spouse are in town for a family matter. I had to cancel on our scheduled get-together. He is disappointment but better for their well-being I stay away. I suspect I will call out sick tomorrow and work from home lest I spread contagion like Typhoid Mary. Lunch isn’t scheduled so no loss there.

Yesterday I made chili, using a recipe of Brother #4. His calls for venison but as there isn’t any around I substituted it with chorizo, of which there is plenty. I didn’t have any dried mustard either so I used a mustard-based hot sauce. It turned out well and I hope I can duplicate it. I like beans in my chili, for the fiber and protein boosts. Someone tells me he knows folks who not only dislike beans in their chili they become ballistic and the mere notion. Chilibis the proverbial ‘stone soup’ and is whatever you put into it. It is good thing to make when one is feeling sick as it is hearty, warm, and not a lot of work – like my men. I’m glad it turned out well for I have heaps; we will be living off this simple supper for a week.

Yesterday some fun fabric arrived the post – my first in ages. As is often the case when it arrives isn’t quite what I thought from the photos seen on line. I was ambivalent about the one with the squares and I was looking forward to the one with the pink in it. My emotional reactions upon opening the package were the one with the squares is marvelous and the pink one is Page 71. I think I will make a shirt of the latter and ask Spo-fans and loved ones if they might want it. I will collect names and pull one out of a helm and the lucky winner gets the thing. I will get cracking on the squares fabric so I can go next month to California wearing a new ensemble. Don’t want to show wearing last year’s Pradas.

As I am sick and nothing can be done really I will nap and read and visit blogs and ‘keep it sweet’ as Spos like to say. That’s all I got on this Sunday morning. If it weren’t for my hacking I would say it was all good.

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