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Note: this one was written under the influence of Nyquil. Spo.

The URI* is progressing that there is now chills to go along with the coughing. There’s a film of fluid deep down in the lungs that won’t budge despite intense coughing. I don’t believe anything really helps other than rest and patience, but it feels good to take Nyquil as it feels like something is being done. The nasty green goo gives me the heebie-jeebies and it makes me lethargic. Would it dried up the lungs and stopped the coughing! I think I am hearing and seeing things but alas, Babylon nothing interesting. The Ancients (or somebody like them) defined madness as the divine release of the soul from the yoke of custom and convention. I doubt over-the-counter pharmaceutical drug-induced delirium quite count. Someone assures me he is not calling my name from the other side of the house; he reminds me even in sober times this never works. Perhaps The Cup Sprites have turned up the volume or The Laundry Goblins have put some coins in with the whites (they do that).

I wrote this about 730PM Sunday night but it feels like 1AM. I don’t dare go to sleep now lest I wake at 2AM (sober) and not be able to fall back to sleep. Unfortunately I am no good for anything at the moment. I can’t concentrate on reading although this may be the book I am reading.** Happily I did my Spanish lessons before medication. I suppose I can do my nightly stretches but I will forgo the ersatz yoga poses lest I fall over and can’t get up. Oh the embarrassment.

Being sick is a lesson in patience; one can’t speed up recovery. All one can do is wait until the virus gets discouraged and leaves me. Several people suggested I drink a hot toddy with 1 ounce of whisky. By my calculations this now totals half a galloon. I will not do so thought lest there is a Chivas Regal/Nyquil interaction causing me to run around La Casa de Spo reciting gibberish or quoting from Ibsen and who can tell the difference?

Maybe by Monday morning the medicine has mended me and my madness has moved on.*** If not, I stay home. There’s a bottle of Dayquil on the shelf but sooner I’d eat rats at Tewkesbury than re-enter delirium in the day time.

*URI is upper respiratory infection, not to be confused with UTI which is urinary tract infection. Get it right.

**I am almost done with Piranesi. I am not enjoying it but decided to stay to the end to get an explanation of what the hell is going on. I’ve already picked out my next read – something less like the author wrote it on Dayquil.

***Damn that’s good.

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