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I want to thank everybody who dropped by yesterday and wished me ‘Happy blog-day’. You are dears, all of you, all are well over four feet and I promise not to feed you buns and things going into year #18.

Someone and I are over our colds yet we are still coughing our brains out. There is a sense of fine layer of fluid deep down in the lungs that no amount of coughing clears. My chest hurts from the hacking. No fun this, but I feel fine otherwise.

Wednesday weigh-in reveal I am down nearly two kilos from 1 January. As Mr. Pepys would say: “And it pleased me very much’. I have four weeks until California to become beautiful so when I take off my Spo-shirt at poolside there won’t be a collective eye rolling and thumbs down from the members of the lyceum. Oh the embarrassment.

The pharm rep on Wednesday reminded me The Super Bowl is this Sunday. Sooner I’d eat rats at Tewkesbury than spend hours on my day off watching television but then we have no working TV even if I wanted to watch the silly thing. I plan on spending Sunday afternoon taking a nap or reading a book. It should be quite quiet and that suits me fine.

Will you watch the Super Bowl?

Today 9 February is National Pizza Day. Who dreams these days up I wonder? There are many styles of pizza, with ‘Detroit-style’ being the best. Do not dare to question this. When I have a flat pizza my favorite toppings combination is the following:


Roasted red pepper

Kalamata olives


Sun-dried tomatoes

Onions (purple)

What is your favorite pizza toppings?

That’s all the Thorsday thoughts for this week.

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