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Hey! I made another Spo-shirt!

I haven’t made shirt in while. I looked it up: the last one I made was last September for Brother #3, a shirt with U of M colors so he can show to the tailgate parties dressed in the height of fashion. I made this one for myself – I think. I am not greatly enamored of it. I may in time give it to someone. I made it mostly to replicate the first shirt of this nature.

Back in the 90s my chums and I regularly traveled to Key West, Florida for our annual winter holiday. A woman whose last name was Virgin made ‘Virgin wear’ shirts. I learned about her when came to the resort with some oh-so-handsome models for a fashion show. One of her fellows didn’t show and she asked if I would like to do model for her. I was thrilled and struck speechless. I hardly resembled the other two fellows, although we were all well over four feet. She gave me a white shirt with black swirls, I donned it, and ‘went down the runway’. It was quite fun. She gave me the shirt as payment. What a thrill! Every year for awhile whenever I visited I would get another Virgin Wear shirt – until she retired. Afterwards I tried making my own, and that as they say, was history.

I give my shirts names so I can remember them. I am calling this one “White shirt with black swirls II”, a precise if not too imaginative name but it gets the job done. I still have “I” although through the decades it is quite faded and there is a food stain on it that no amount of washings has eradicated. I don’t wear it anymore; it sits in the closet where I can see it and remember fun times from years ago.

“White shirt with black swirls II” turned out well; it has no major boo-boos and only a few small hiccups, hardly noticeable. The task was more about redoing the first shirt than making something I loved. All the same I plan on wearing it next month to Palm Springs. After all I can’t show wearing last seasons, let alone something from the 90s.

By the way, if my records are right, this is Shirt #127 – can you imagine?

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