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What’s top of my mind: My cough. Two weeks ago Someone brought a bug home and we were both quite sick for awhile. We are OK now but for lingering coughs. These come on quick and create paroxysms intense coughing. For a while his was worse than mine but I seem to be coming back in the last quarter to win the game. I am bloody well sick and tired of coughing. Nothing to be done but wait. I feel fine otherwise.

Where I’ve been:  The Precious. Someone’s Honda convertible A,K.A. The Precious hasn’t had a proper cleaning in ages. While Someone was away I brought out The Hoover to the garage and gave the sordid thing a good vacuuming and a wipe down. The car drives low to the ground and is very difficult for me to get in and out of it. It’s definitely a younger man’s car that way. I wish he would sell it for an oh-so-practical four-seater with seats at proper altitudes. A perk for cleaning the car was I found under the passenger seat among the debris my WWI safety goggles that I wear when I am a passenger. Jolly good fun.

Where I’m going:  The Good Dentist – again. This Friday I have an appointment to hopefully finalize the project of putting a new tooth on the upper port side of my mouth. There’s been a gap there since 2020. How odd it will feel to no longer have a space for my tongue to go, which it does all the ding dong day. While at the appointment I hope to get a crown on the lower starboard side thus ending my The Knashers Project

Urs Truly basking in the sunrise before the start of the shenanigans

What I’m watching:  The sunrise. I arrive at the PHX office before the sunrise, so as I sit preparing my work day I get to see it. Soon (but not soon enough) it will rise before I get seated. I face east; the sun is slowly rising more to the left; last Monday it past the telephone pole on the horizon – a certain sign of spring is on its way. Sometimes I play the prelude to “Das Reingold” or Yanni’s “After the sunrise”. There is nothing like the brilliance of a radiant sunrise to install hope and the feeling no matter what happens today I will do well enough,

What I’m reading:  Pincher Martin. This is a novel by William Golding of the “Lord of the flies” fame. I have a list of ‘must read’ literature from my high school teacher and Pincher Martin is one of them. So far I’ve read 17 out of 23.

Have you read Pincher Martin?

What I’m listening to:  Buddha-Bar music. I am not certain how to describe this genera of music. It’s sort of new-age music for millennials. Usually without words, it is background music with some ‘hip’ to it, the type you might hear in a bar while sipping cocktails over conversation. It conjures up a vision of having chums over, lounging about the pool in Palm Springs.

What I’m eating: Better, apparently. Thanks to prudent living viz. little to no sugar and minimal booze and ixnay on the fried stuff I’ve lost 2-3 kilos since 1 January. Good for me! I purposely got my blood work done on Monday to allow for yesterday’s Valentines Day sweets and pizza party at work (which I bought).

Who needs a good slap: The diamond league at Duolingo. If you do well enough at Duolingo, the language learning app, you are advanced in league status. Recently I was promoted to diamond league, the top league. Good for me! I’ve noticed thems in the diamond league aren’t so interested in learning Spanish but besting the others in the number of ‘points’ earned. These cut throats may be cheating with bots or translation devices as the points they do in a day seem not humanely possible. Perhaps they have a lot of time on their hands, or they are native speakers. I find I am now doing lessons not so much to learn Spanish as to keep up with the Perezes as it were. This is stupid. I should give myself permission to drop down to the obsidian league as it’s no fun where I am and it defeats the point of learning.

On my 1-5 scale, I give thems in the diamond league dos bofetadas

Who gets a fist bump: Nobody. I couldn’t think of anyone. 😦

What I’m planning:  Painting the house. Last weekend (between coughs) we sat down to pick the two colors to paint La Casa de Spo. The dreary options were all brown earth tones. We found a combination with enough contrast that wasn’t too much like the houses around us. Brown is my least favorite color after gray; nearly everything around me in this state is brown, especially in the heat of summer. Blech.

What’s making me smile: Sharpened pencils. I’ve sunk this low that the pleasure of grinding a blunt pencil in a sharpener to create a new sharp point gives me quite a smile. Along with the sound and sight of a sharpened pencil is the redolence of freshly scraped cedar, with a whiff of carbon and paint. Just don’t stick them up your nose too far.

Blackwing 602 Palominos – my favorite.

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