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Hugh (the dear!) suggested (as is his wont) to write a 99 word story about toast. Alas, Babylon! I couldn’t think of a story, perhaps because I haven’t had toast in ages, worse luck. Too bad, as a good piece of toast probably browned is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I can think of nothing more tasty to go with the eggs and tea. Next month when I am on holiday in Palm Springs you bet your flaming knickers I plan on having toast, daily.

What to put on toast varies and I like all the usuals. The better the bread the better the spread, in my opinion.

Butter is never a bad idea, especially if it is unsalted and softened or whipped to allow easy spreading. I despise the diner tradition to serve the toast already buttered. Not only do they put on too much it deprives me of the pleasant ritual of spreading my own.

I prefer jam or preserves to jelly. My mother went to college with one of the Smuckers (yes the ones with the jams) so we always had several at hand to choose from. I hope Smuckers jams are still around. Raspberry was/is my favorite. As a child I disliked marmalade but now it is one of my favorites, provided it is proper marmalade no rubbish types. I know some folks use butter and jam on the same piece of toast but I keep the savory separate from the sweet.

Around these parts a spreadable avocado butter is offered for your toast. It isn’t quite guacamole; I don’t know what it is exactly. Apparently the shelf-life is a short so it is not seen too often.

Fried or over-easy eggs are my favorite toppings for toast. Or the toast is broken off in bits to sop up the yolk. This is the breakfast of the gods, or at least the demi-gods.

A few years ago out of curiosity to find out what all the fuss was about I ordered some Vegemite. Not reading the fine print I received a bottle of Marmite. Who knew there are two of these things? My soul swoons. This is Umami Incarnate and I love it so. I know no one around these parts who has heard of Marmite, and when they have been so bold to try some or mine they all look like I just put dirt in their mouths. On holiday I bring a bottle of Marmite with me and my traveling companions make me sit downwind as I slather it on toast and bagels. I’ve learned it gives pizzazz to pasta sauce and other cooking – but not too much lest Someone narrows his eyes and asks did I put Vegemite in it (he can’t keep them apart). Someday I plan to get me some Vegemite to try and compare it to Marmite; they look sort of the same.

Anyone like toast?

What do you put on top of yours?

Have you had Vegemite or Marmite and lived to tell the tale?

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