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What’s top of my mind: Ash Wednesday. It’s been years since I went to mass, but I still carry on Lenten practices such as reading a daily meditation until Easter. I abstain from meat and on Fridays in Lent. Ash Wednesday is supposed to be a day for reflection that someday we will die and become ashes. I think this thought every day so today isn’t special that way.

Where I’ve been: The Good Doctor. Yesterday’s seasonal check up went OK; my labs are good enough. My kidneys are functioning so I don’t need no stinkin nephrology consul, the glucose remains still within normal range (no metformin for me!). The viral load was again zero and the T-cells number was good – again. I’m told to keep up my oh-so-sensible habits of self-care. See you in another three months.

Where I’m going:  The DWS store (or something like it). This weekend I want to get some sandals for my upcoming trip to Palm Springs. I need to pay attention to the style lest my toenails are exposed and must get them properly trimmed and presentable. Of course I could wear socks but I hear tell this is a major fashion faux pas. Maybe a trip to the pedicure place is needed; I visited them once upon a time. It will be my second time.

What I’m watching:  Caroline Myss’ ‘The power of the archetypes”. A teacher of mine from the past is now on the Tube of Yous giving lectures on various archetypes and how they manifest in people’s lives. Jolly good fun and just what I like.

What I’m reading:  The wind in the willows. I’ve not read this one, so I got a copy from the used bookstore (two dollars I recall). So far I’m not into it It is a whimsical tale of various creatures doing oh-so-British past times like having tea and talking about the weather. I just started it so let’s see if there is a plot other than pleasant banter.

What I’m listening to: “The Sea”. This album consists of songs about the sea, written by Schubert, Faure, and thems of that type. Some of songs (set to piano) are rawther jaunty. All the same when it comes to sea songs I prefer chanties. Here’s one I like a lot:

What I’m eating: Chicken and sides. When we are too busy or lazy to cook, an easy out is to drop by the deli counter at Uncle Albertsons to get a meal of chicken and sides. The chicken (eight pieces) is fried or baked you take your pick. We get chips too if they look decent. If they look picked over, there is mustard potato salad. I like cole slaw while Someone likes baked beans.

Who needs a good slap: The censors of ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory.’ It’s come to my attention someone has tampered with this book. They edit the so-called upsetting words lest young readers take offense. This is another form of book censorship. While it ain’t as bad as banning the book it still falls under the umbrella of censorship. If you don’t like a book or don’t like your child reading it then don’t. Do not ban the book or expunge it of things you don’t like about it.

On my 1-5 scale, one slap – better make the two slaps, lest this starts a terrible trend of rewriting books on the grounds you don’t like it.

Who gets a fist bump: Anyone standing up to the rubbish spewing out of the month of Marjorie Taylor Greene. This awful person never opens her mouth without first calculating how much damage it will do. I can’t stand the sight of her smug face. It’s nice some GOP members are brave enough to criticize her lunacy.

What I’m planning: A chin-up. In grade school there was a chin-up bar in the gym with a bulletin board next to it titled “Ten chins on this bar will make you a star”. The board was covered with paper stars with my classmates’ names on them. Some had achieved chin ups numbered into the dozens. Not Urs Truly. I recall I could never do one. I still think upon that bar and the humiliation. I want to do a chin up – ten of them preferably. I don’t know if this even possible. I will start with doing just one if I can.

What’s making me smile: Blobby. Blobby (the dear!) sometimes ends comments and texts with about That School in the State South of Michigan. They are clever and and make me smile. A recent one made for the only smile I had that day.

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