My Bosses (the dears!) kindly request I write a ‘proper entry: one that shows you are serious blogger’. They didn’t say what this means exactly, and I don’t know how to fulfill the request other than I best get it right lest they send their administrative assistant, Halfdan, to suggest ideas to me.* Alas, Babylon, I don’t have anything profound or witty to say. The Muses decided to stay in Palm Springs so they are no help. I spent the weekend doing laundry and ironing and what’s worth writing about that? I lead a dull life. I made a fancy tuna fish casserole that included artichoke heart, chopped peppers (Red sweet and Fresno) using up the imperial tidbit cheese from our holiday. It was hardly ‘Midwestern”** but Someone liked it. I put in some frozen peas for his and my late Mother’s sake, as it is a misdemeanor not to do so in the state of Michigan.

The Equinox hits home today at 2:24PM local time, so if I am not busy I will have a cup of tea or something in honor of the moment. It looks like clouds and cool temperatures are in the forecast for the week. I need to call Hector, Yard Master, to do something about all the weeds that sprouted while we were away. I need to pressure Someone to do our taxes, as I hope for a refund that can be used to buy a new mattress. Ours is an old ‘king’ and and doesn’t fit the frame, which is “California’ size. We probably should pay the painter first, and attend to the hold in the ceiling in The Blue Room.

Next weekend (weather permitting) the office has its first office picnic. I haven’t heard details what this entails. I hope we are assigned something or better yet it is catered lest we all bring salads and no one brings any brats.*** The office staff is almost entirely women and most of them are on strict or funny diets or won’t eat this/that/or the other, so it will be interesting to see what sort of picnic this entails. Urs Truly knows some killer pasta salad recipes but as few are eating ‘carbs’ these days they probably won’t go over well.

Apart from the picnic, there are no plans or events on the horizon, worse luck. I should try to put something on the calendar for April, something to look forward to. It’s probably time to go to MI to tend Father for a long weekend. Rumor has it the chickens are laying again. Oh to have freshly-laid eggs! I haven’t bothered buying any as they are too expensive. I miss them so.

I will email The Muses (or someone like them) to get something interesting upon which to write. Spo-fans are invited to tell me what sort of shenanigans are happening in your part of the world or to get suggestions for future posts. Meanwhile I have Halfdan to contend with. Oh the horror. This looks like a job for Captain Equinox !!

*I locked up the liquor; he’s a mean drunk.

**The traditional recipe calls from cream of mushroom soup. I made a roux and a béchamel sauce rather. It was delish.

***Just hate when this happens.