Happy Joy! My innards have calmed down and I am no longer coughing! I am healed – temporality. It’s a bummer to consider I am turning into one of those old types who seems to go from ailment to ailment. Just as the temperatures are rising becoming warm enough to open the windows so rises the pollen count. Allergy season is right around the corner; by May they can be quite nasty.

I woke up the other day to announce to the bed fellows I am going to buy new pillows. I expected at least one of them, the two-footed one, to question the purchase but he said fine.* There are two sets of two pillows per person: a regular-shaped and a longer thinner one. Both are old and putting ones head onto them implodes them that it feels like no pillow at all. I like a pillow firm, plump, and bounces back – like my men. I brought from The Dragon Room one of the pillows from the guest bed, but it’s not much better. Three pillows sort of make one fair-at-best pillow. For some time I’ve been annoyed at the past-their-prime pillows and the rancor is causing insomnia. So it was off to Blood Bath and Beyond I went to get new ones. Alas, Babylon, BBB has gone belly up so I thought to go to Target and have a look-see. I looked for the firmest pillow possible – a block of wood if they had any – and I found one that barely gave as I pressed down on it. I bought two of them.** They are quite plump and hardly fit in the pillow cases but I get them in. Happy Joy! It feels like I have a proper pillow now. I may go back to replace those long thinner ones.

Last weekend I set up a Spo-shirt giveaway. There were twenty-one names to choose from. The winner is Jon P. from Facebook. Congratulations Jonathon! He’s pleased as Punch as by coincidence 26 March is his birthday. I regret I wasn’t able to give everyone in the draw the shirt. There will be other shirts in time.

The Saturday office picnic was canceled. Apparently there weren’t enough who RSVPed to make it so. It seems sad, a bit of a disappointment even. It seems it gets harder all the time for people to get-together; everyone has previous engagements. Who knows if there will be another attempt. I took the found opportunity to take a nap – for two hours. I have never napped that long. Apparently it was what the body wanted vetoing the brain who wanted to do all sorts of things.

Today I will have a shave and a trim, something I haven’t done in a week – I could not find the shaving gel. It was located under Someone’s vanity. My whiskers will be trimmed and the scruff on my neck removed – and good thing too as I am beginning to look like a crazed-sterno bum. I recently saw Nephew #1 on a video chat and he’s sporting some whiskers, joining most of the menfolk in my family who sport such. Mother never liked beards, and I don’t ever remember Father sporting any.

Today I iron some shirts and finish my homework and perhaps take another nap. I’ve tasted sleep and I want more. I will do rounds on the blogs this evening and call it a day.

*The other one, the four-footer, didn’t say anything.

**The pillows cost 35 dollars each. I gave my two to the cashier who told me the total came to 35 dollars. I asked if there was a two-for-one sale? The total ought to be 70 dollars. He checked and yes he had made a mistake. He then paused to look at me and asked me if I was Dr. Spo? (I was wearing a mask). I think he was an ex-patient but standing in line I wasn’t going to ask how I knew him. He rang up the revised total and said “not only are you a good doctor, you’re an honest one”. That was nice, given the fellow behind me in line was looking at me as if I was a jackass to not accept the 35 dollar charge and scram before the cashier realized his error.