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A Henrik sighting!

He’s back!  Henrik the ghost has returned ! Newer Spo-fans will need an explanation. There is a lugubrious ghost that periodically haunts the east side of La Casa de Spo. Henrik (for that is his name) is not a malevolent spirit but a bit of a downer who creeps about and gets on people’s nerves […]

Spo-Reflections on Henrik Ibsen.

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections and I almost came to blows over today’s entry.  Going on the success of the interview with the leprechauns they quickly booked a talk with the trolls. “After all,” said Walter Cnut Fafner, “today is Ibsen’s birthday!” making a discrete reference to Peer Gynt.  It is one thing […]

A Henrik sighting !

WordPress sends me an email when somebody is ‘now following my blog”. I am pleased and honored of course whenever anybody bothers to stop by and read my scribbles. Alas, WP doesn’t tell me their motives so I am left to surmise ‘why’ they are following and how did they found me in the first […]

Henrik the Ghost

Spo-fans keep asking about the ghost and I am not surprised; people are fascinated by ghosts. I think it was Ben Johnson who said all evidence is against them but all belief if for them. Having a ghost around the place is a surprise, for I gave up any hopes of having one. When I […]

Spo-reflections on eidolism

Every few years (maybe more frequent) I have an urge to write about ghosts. Hallowe’en is a good time to do so, as the holiday is based on the belief spirits are about this night. I think it was Robertson Davies who said about ghosts: “All evidence is against them, while all experience is for […]

A Spo-bestiary

Note: I don’t have anything today- nothing worthwhile anyway. The Muses or someone like them left me in a lurch. Once in awhile I write an exercise to see what comes out when given a concept. This must be what improv acting is about. This led to writing about The Muses or someone like them, […]

Random thoughts LCIII

Patience above! It looks like I haven’t written a “Random thoughts” entry is over a year! Thanks to updates, I can’t find the last one to title it properly. Perhaps some dear Spo-fan can ascertain which number this is. “LCII” sounds right but be prepared to see the title change. Between work and house […]

Urspo writes a corona19-free entry (mostly nonsense)

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections sent one of their thralls today to inform me I should tidy up the ‘links’ section of the blog and change the header why don’t I.* The messenger (a red dwarf, well under four feet) wore a surgical mask that didn’t fit well over his beard, which was […]

Urspo’s pack of wicked cards

  It’s traditional at Halloween for folks to divine the future using all sorts of tools. Maidens had rituals in hopes to envision their future husbands. In James Joyce’s short story “Clay” a woman at a All Hallow’s eve party participates in a game in which it is predicted she will die within in year. It’s that time […]

Urspo shops for Hallowe’en sweets

I thank everybody for the love and support left in the comments in yesterday’s entry. You are dears. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections read it too and sent their support by barricading The Board Room against future attacks from ‘That Other Board”.  The booby traps and wolverines are a bit much but it […]