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Spo-reflections 2006-2019

I do not know what is the average life expectancy for a blog. Today marks thirteen years writing Spo-reflections. Lucky number 13! If blogs are measured in people years mine is in its adolescence; if done in ‘dog years’ it is an old one declining towards its death. You are as old as you feel I suppose. My scribblings are inspired by The Muses who are ageless archetypes* so this could go on indefinitely.*  We shall see.Rest assured to Spo-fans far and wide my enthusiasm remains bright as the brilliance of a radiant sunrise.. It’s one thing to endure a boring marriage but a boring hobby does not make sense.   It remains jolly good fun and definitely not dull.

While composing this blog-day post I stopped to consider how many blogs I read that as old as mine or even older. I’ve seen countless blogs come and go over these thirteen years; there’s been so many of them I can no longer recall them. Sometimes I go back to my early entries and remember blogs from long ago. Not all ex-bloggers became ghosts. A few turned into ‘friends without blogs”or Facebook followers, so they keep in touch. Alas, the majority disappeared like the dimetrodons, leaving me with a few fragments of fossils and questions what the hell happened to them.

But these are sad thoughts for a festive day. I will pat myself on the back for another year of writing and take comfort I’ve gladdened some people who have bothered to drop by to read it.

As always I am grateful for Spo-fans and thems who leave comments.

Please come along with me for another year of Spo-reflections.





*The ages of The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections members are estimated to about 1,200 years old. I once asked them to clarify but they said Vikings do not tell their age or weight.

Hey babycakes!  Spo-Reflections is twelve years old today!

Three maybe a magic number but twelve is more so. Twelve has all those lovely divisible numbers to it: two, three, four, and six. There is historical sacredness to the number, what with twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve disciples. There is something ‘magical’ about twelve years of blogging under the belt.  My interest in hobbies and past times have come and gone but writing keeps on going.  I remain passionate about blogging, so Spo-Reflections is likely to plod on intrepidly until the ideas run out or certain Board Members chop my wrists off as they continually threaten to do.

I want to thank Spo-fans and Stalkers and Stoppers-by and Anne Marie (who is in a class by herself hohoho) for reading my rubbish. Whether I am trying to be whimsical or spewing ersatz philosophy Spo-fans and such read it, for which I am quite grateful.

Looking back on year number eleven Spo-Reflections looks to have been ‘more of the usual’ than showing signs of growth in any particular direction. I don’t have any fixed goal or agenda here other than grabbing  inspiration as it flies by and working it into something noteworthy without too many dangling participles.  This works so it is likely to remain.  Perhaps in year #12 I will recycle a few early entries I thought brilliant but later readers haven’t read.  Perhaps not.  As Edna Mode says, ‘Darling I never look back’.

I like to celebrate birthdays. There should be some solemnity to acknowledge success and survival but mostly just to have an Auntie-Mame inspired party, live live live.  I pause on this feast day to whoop-DE-do a little and shake the outstretched hands of Board Members (minding to wash afterwards) and blow out the candle and make a wish.


thkuvav1vpShoot! I nearly forgot today is the anniversary of the blog!   This is year makes number eleven!  Hurrah for our side!

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections sent me a warm congratulations written in runes engraved on the skull. This makes eleven for my collection. Isn’t that sweet? The Muses and The Fates sent identical bow ties. I wonder if they did this on purpose. Imagine the following conversation: “Let’s send the same tie so he can return one of them and get one he really wants”.  The Fates sent a card; The Skanks sent a six pack of Coors (they splurged for the occasion).  The Norns didn’t send anything at all, as is their wont: they do not recognize any holidays other than Ragnorak.

I am pleased as punch at having made another year of blogging. I think I have run out of ideas and this isn’t worthwhile to continue only to have some notion drop on my head like the Wicked Witch of the East and off I go. I very much enjoy writing so I suspect Spo-Reflections will continue for an indefinite period of time.

Over the past year I have seen bloggers go and new ones arise. I am very glad to have discovered new Spo-fans; I am grateful for all of you.

There is no agenda to my peripatetic writings. Entries range from erudite instruction to farce. Blogging remains a marvelous journey and I am very glad you all will come along for the walk.




On 8 February 2006 I started blogging; today is the tenth anniversary of Spo-Reflections.

My first entry: The Journey Begins.

My thoughts on the day is summarized in one word:


Every year on this day on this day I say the same things really. I’ve often wondered what on earth is there left to write. Somehow I keep typing, the words keep flowing, and lo! it is a decade later. I hope my style and content have improved with time. I like to think I have become an amateur ‘man of letters’, for which I am most grateful.

More miraculous are the people who drop by to read my scribbles. I so appreciate Spo-fans and your comments. Every writer wants an audience and I have been blessed to have such an assortment. Over the decade I have encountered fabulous and foudroyant men and women, old and young, gay and strait, and far and wide. Many of you have become my friends, which I would not exchange for anything. I have lost some through death; the loss is a true sorrow.


The entry most visited:     My dopplegangers    (over 46,000 views! )

Here are some of the most popular writings:

What do Canadians think of Americans really?

Pap smears for men.

Depression from a Jungian point of view. 

The Victim Complex.

How not to be neurotic. 

Hors d’oeuvres: the gay man’s dilemma. 


Here are a few of which I am quite proud:


Last Night’s travel through the universe.

A plum stone. 

A Spo-tale.

Wicked fairies around my house.

Reclaiming solitude.  

I think my all-time favorite entry is “Noteworthy Kisses”.  It leaps to my mind whenever I wonder what entry is my fondest.

Finally, to celebrate the day here is the Spo-Shirt lottery:

Thank you for being part of the Journey.   I wonder what the next decade will reveal. Who can say. Come along with me. Along the way may we find happiness in a nice hot cup of tea (no rubbish) or with a small chocolate cone or a snort, a lovely roll down a grass hill, and may all the rats be the finest from Tewkesbury.


ratsRolling down grass hills..jpg Tea cup 2


The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections approves of this entry. 




Hey! It’s blog-day!

Spo-Reflections is nine years old !

I continue to be amazed Spo-Reflections endures. This is not because I am indifferent to blogging. Quite the contrary! I still find it delightful to write out my thoughts and share them with others. What amazes me there are still ideas on which to write. I am still astounded there are people who bother to read it. I am most grateful for those who do, whether regular Spo-fans or those once in a while drop-in types. I hope you still find it informative or at least entertaining.

Every year on blog-day (8 February) I reread last year’s blog day entry to see what I said (more or less the same things really) and to remember who left a comment last time. There are always a few ‘no longer with me’, which I find sad. What gladdens me is to see some are ‘still here after a year’.

In honor of the day The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections sent a basket of imperial tidbits composed of tinned fish and crackers, although someone ate the chocolate covered almonds.

The Muses sent a book:  “Lots of Plots”

The Fates sent a cryptic birthday card with the words ‘You’ll see !”

The Norns sent a text message. I didn’t know they could do that.

The Graces?  A small chocolate cone.

The Skanks sent a 10$ Walmart gift card.  (The dears!)


Thank you all. I love you like my luggage. 🙂


Spo-Reflections is 8 years old!

The actual blog anniversary day is tomorrow, 8 February, but I am traveling tomorrow; I am ‘celebrating’ one day early. It seems a good day to do so, for today is the birthday of my guy Charles Dickens.

Boz meets Spo.

I am very pleased with this creation; blogging has given me so many gifts. It has provided me artistic expression and a means to channel my desire to write. I’ve had a lot of fun in the process. The best par is becoming connected with so many marvelous people: men and women; far and wide.  What a gift it is to become familiar with folks I never would have met if it hadn’t been for blogging.

There have been some sad times when I ‘get to know someone’ only to have them drop out of blogger-land. Happily, new folks appear. I don’t see blogging dissipating any time soon. I plan to keep going.

As always, I don’t know where this is going or what happens next. I continue to travel on a marvelous Journey, with you as my companions.

Speaking of journeys, Someone and I are packing our bags with Spo-shirts and suntan oil to fly tomorrow to Puerto Vallarta. I don’t know how often I will be writing or reading blogs in the next week.  I will try my best to keep you abreast of the news*.

Thank you everyone for being part of this process.

Please join me in year #9.


*Printable ones, anyway.

Hohoho and Hurray for our side! 7th Birthday Badge Star

Spo-Reflections is seven years old today !

Every year on my blogday I say the same things :


I amazed by this marvelous Journey.

I am thrilled to be doing this.

I am so grateful for all the blogger buddies and Spo-fans who have honored me through the year with their visits, comments, and friendships.

I don’t know where this will go. 


I would trade it all in a minute to just be an aardvark. 



I was born on the 7th day of the 7th month, at 7AM, so “7 “ is indeed my lucky number.

I hope the 7th year of Spo-Reflections is a Marvelous Party. 


I hope you will come along.   

Today is Spo-Reflections’ anniversary.

The first post was on 8 February 2006, so this is either ‘Happy blogday’ or ‘Happy bloggerversary”.  I am not certain which is the more appropriate term.  Either way, my blog is six year old.

Every year I say the same things, but they are no less truthful:

I am continuously amazed by the Journey. There is nothing more marvelous and adventuresome as a journey without certainty. I am excited (and still without vision) as to where the next year will go. This must be how it feels to be sailing with only whim and wind to guide me.

I am pleased as punch at the reception my writing.  My attempts at humor and thoughtful prose are deemed worthwhile enough for people to stop by, some on a regular basis. Thank you, everybody.

I am truly blessed by the people I have met along the way. Many have become true friends – even though I have never met them.

I hope you will come along with me into the new year.  

May it be something marvelous.

Spo-Reflections is 5 years old today.


Its conception was ‘an accident’; the blog was not planned. I was in Key West,  listening to Michael Guy of “Temporary Trouble Spots”. He was writing and talking about the joys of blogging and how marvelous it was. Michael urged me to try it, seeing my habit of writing a journal. What the hell, I thought.  I had no expectations or goals. The onset went slowly and with a few missteps. but Michael gave encouragement. Through his links, I started reading blogs to see what others were like.

Five years later…..

What a wonderful Journey. Blogging has been such a marvelous party (thank you again Michael!).  It allows self-expression in a way far more than music ever did. This alone would make blogging worthwhile. The real benefit has been the establishment of friendships with people I would never have known. Who knew that would be the real benefit ?

I know it sounds gay and cliche, but I feel like Dorothy.

On 2/8/06 I wrote “Encouraged by a chum who blogs, and driven by some OCD traits to record everything, I start something I have never seen before, let alone done – a blog.” I longed for some something to happen; I was sent down the Yellow Brick Road (that makes Michael Guy my Glinda). The real happening was meeting The Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion.

I thank you, all my Scarecrows, Lions, and Tin men – and women! –  for coming along. Please continue dancing down the Yellow Brick Road  with me for another 5 years. And it won’t matter if we never get to the Emerald City.

Today is the 4th year anniversary of


I say this every year – I thoroughly enjoy writing this blog.

It gives me so much; it fulfills a need to write, a desire to teach, and a platform to perform.

I am glad people find my scribbles interesting enough to stop by and read them. I am grateful a handful return on a regular basis. Writing is first and foremost a personal need; an audience is a major perk – and a blessing.

I have grown to know many people through this media. I feel I know some of you more than my ‘real life’ friends. I am truly blessed for Spo-fans letting me be part of your lives.  400,000 visitors now and counting.

Again I thank Michael for introducing to blogging. Who knew a casual poolside chat would turn into all of this?

I have no expectations again for the next year.

The number 5 in The Tarot is about changes and stir ups.

Let me see what Year #5 brings.

I hope you will come along.

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