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There are countless stories throughout history but they are variations of the same themes – seven of them to be exact.* One of them is “Voyage and Return” in which the hero(es) venture out from home and eventually return – always transformed.

This morning we start a three-day-long Journey to Michigan to attend Mother’s memorial and close down her house. Like all good journey stories there will be unexpected turns and even peril. We have to travel through hostile territory (Texas and Oklahoma) during a pandemic while driving a rental SUV with California license plate).  I hope there is no shooting.

On the positive I have three ten-hour days to ponder life and write entries and post them at night from seedy covid19-free hotels (or so I hope).

Wish us luck !




*The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections has asked me to charge reasonable attorneys fees for curious Spo-fans who want to know what they are. To save on Danegeld I suggest you look it up on DuckDuckGo.

Many blogger-buddies (many well over four feet) regularly write an entry titled ’12 on 12″ in which they post twelve photos (true!) along with a short description for each shot. These are marvelous and I continually vow to do one of my own. Alas, Babylon! This never works. Perhaps if I start with a mere ‘six on six’this may get into my muscle memory enough in time to graduate to the big people’s table.  Spo

NCA portrait

Here is Urs Truly in proper office attire ready to shrink heads or knock ones together.

Harper 8

This is Harper’s most frequent position and look. It means I am starving and I haven’t had a treat in over an hour. I am sooo deprived.


It’s July and it’s hot as hades here in PHX. Step carefully the sandworms are out in droves.

Alexander Keith

Usually at this time of year we are in the Toronto area. This is one of my favorite beers, forever associated with Canada in summer.  No Canada and no Alexander Keith beer either, worse luck.

Rolling down grass hills.

Rolling down grass hills remains one of life’s best pleasures; go thou and do likewise.

Always doThis quotation is framed and sitting in my office. It is the heart of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy viz. rather than avoiding fears address them.

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections asked me to pass onto the Spo-fans Wicked Hamster has returned to blog-land and I am pleased as punch to do so. Professor Hamster is a fine fellow well over four feet known for his Attic wit and intelligent prose.


Not a Tewkesbury rat

Professor W.H. is the better half to Travel Penguin  another blogger also over four feet etc.



Not a Hamster 

Go have a look-see why don’t you.



The other day I donned my ‘bear colors’ bow tie and black shirt. I often wear this ensemble as the two go well together (no aliens were consulted).

Bear bowtie copy

Urs Truly 2005 


Urs Truly 2020 


The Bow tie: holding up marvelous!

The Black shirt: the current incarnation is holding up fair, it is getting a bit threadbare; time for a new one.

The rest: well….. let’s say I’m still here.  🙂




It’s traditional at Halloween for folks to divine the future using all sorts of tools. Maidens had rituals in hopes to envision their future husbands. In James Joyce’s short story “Clay” a woman at a All Hallow’s eve party participates in a game in which it is predicted she will die within in year.

It’s that time of year Urs Truly gets out his wicked pack of tarot cards (Hallowe’en version) to see what’s up.

Every October (when I remember) I invite Spo-fans if they would like their cards read. Just say yes in the comment section. I will do’em Thursday evening after the beggars stop ringing the door bell and things are quiet.  Perhaps The Cup Sprites or even Henrik the Ghost may join me in flipping the cards!  This weekend I will email you with your findings and advice.

Jolly good fun !

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections hired a consulting firm (a group of Goths who smelled terrible) who came to the conclusion in order to boost traffic on the blog “I should post cat photos” Unfortunately there are no cats readily at hand to exploit. The boisterous board solved the problem in the usual way: they went on a rapine and brought back a couple of cats. They explained they went a-viking over to “Mitchell is Moving” for Dudo and Moose.


Here is “Moose” taking in the Michigan scenario.  



“Dude”isn’t too sure about this foreign exchange program either, but likes the perch provided by the thoughtful Board. 


Apparently I am in someone’s spot on the couch. 


A compromise was made. “Moose” makes a good hot water bottle. 


Here is “Dudo” helping me with my Saturday morning homework.
I never get this sort of assistance from Harper! 



Oh those crazy cats! What ever would be do without them?! 

I may just have to keep the cats for a while before boxing them up to send back to Spain.  🙂 

Sorry Spo-fans – I’ve been staring at the screen hoping something, anything would come up but there is nothing. I seem to be in a slump. I hope to have something, anything soon.


The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections are a little peeved I haven’t ‘put out’ as it were. They are rather unsympathetic with my explanations about work and time restraints. Normally they merely threaten with setting fires to public buildings or causing me bodily harm. This evening they sent an email with the ominous title “CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION”.  Attached to the succinct note ‘Read this” is a PDF of a lengthy contract dated from 2006 when the blog started. Translated from the Runes, it says I am required to write on a regular frequency as determined by The Board. It also says I promise to make whatever mutually satisfactory accommodations necessary to reduce tensions and arrive at whatever previously agreed-upon goals both parties have harmoniously set in the appropriate planning sessions. The section on punishments – if the suzerain (them) is not satisfied by the minion (Urs Truly) – is profusely illustrated and there isn’t a dull page in it. The wretched thing is signed in blood, apparently mine.

I smell a rat. The fustian words are far beyond their taciturn concrete Viking lexicon and I have no memory of this document let alone signing such. Until I find an impolitic attorney to challenge it I better write something pronto. Being vindicated in a court of law months hence would be small comfort for today’s missing digits. 

It’s hard to be creative or funny under such duress. Happily the fine print doesn’t say the entry has to be ‘good’  just there. 

I have dry skin this week; it is so bad it itches. I’ve had to put on lotion, which was a relief.  I guess the shower water temperature should be less hot.


Come back this weekend when I am under less duress. 


There will be no performance of “The Red Shoes” this evening: Urs Truly has a touch of bronchitis.

It is hard to channel The Muses during dyspnea.

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections sent me their personal Druid (a total quack) who has ordered me to cancel all activities including writing.

See you soon.

Meanwhile, here is a rerun. I rather liked it.

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