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I have a question to the Spo-fans who asked for a tarot card reading on Hallowe’en.

Last weekend I sent to the recipients their readings. I have a leftover reading without an owner. I am missing someone.

If you haven’t received yours, please email me.

I am in a depressives slump and I don’t have anything to say.

I may be away for a few days.

Let’s see how this goes.

Thanks for dropping by.

Dammit. The page open and I am ready to write – and nothing is happening. The Muses or someone like them are nowhere to be found. I emailed The Norns, The Fates, and The Furies, but no response from nobody. Just hate when that happens. With that said, it dawned on me to do an ‘Ask my a question’ entry. This is somewhat a copout but a) I am curious what might come of it and b) it fulfills my contractual obligation with The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections to save me from having my ears boxed and removed.

Ask me a question and I will write the answer in the comment section. I am very good with state capitols but you can look up that sort of thing yourself.

Throughout the day (when I ought to be working) I will pop in and write my responses.

The Spo-fan with the ‘best question’ (whatever that means) wins something yet to be determined.

With guests in town this weekend, I don’t know how often I will be able to write. To keep Spo-fans entertained and glued to the screen, here are some recent thoughts of mine that have popped into my mind or no good reasons. Come into my hummingbird brain and have a look-see. Just try not to touch anything. Spo

What fresh hell is this?

Basic arithmetic here, it’s not that hard I’m just stupid.

Do this or so help me Tiw I will axe your hand off.

The two meds work together like The Wonder Twins. You do know who are The Wonder Twins? Patience above! Who managed your childhood?

Hoozah! More of this! Or not.

I’m having a great time here no I’m distinctly not.

Sh-t! What did Someone just say? Your future happiness depends on this.

Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead and the other is cursed to speak in platitudes.

It’s onwards and upwards or maybe downwards I forget can you tell me where I am and what I am supposed to be doing?

Even in death [fill in the blank here] it ruins my day.

Please turn around I can’t quite see you from behind.

Guess what, the governor did another dick-move who knew?

What would the Stoics do here. I’m going to eat something.

Dog! You are the dog! Do not deny it for it makes my blood boil to hear it! Are you listening to me?

I do hope that fellow starts doing unsavory things in my general direction.

Fat chance of that. Or of that either. Wonder why I even bother.

That sure is a lot of stabbing; we’re skipping all of it.

Can’t you get that was an indirect speech act telling you to do something without telling you to. Get it right.

Verdamte Spanish pronouns!

I don’t care anymore just let it be over please why is this book so much?

Did someone scream? I didn’t want to be frightened prematurely.

There is nothing but ingredients in the larder again. Just hate that.

That’s a good idea for a blog entry. Wait I think I wrote that already no that was Mitchell’s idea no it’s something out of Dickens. Again. Wait what was the idea?

Note: this entry makes no sense and has no point. I started writing only to come to a complete dead end with it. It is a horse that won’t run. I thought to toss it but I am under pressure to put out. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections is breathing down my neck to ‘keep up the momentum’ as it were. I posted it on the grounds a bad entry is better than no entry, at least from a contractual obligation point of view. Spo 😦

Tuesday is the nadir day of the week when it comes to inspiration for writing. The Muses et. al. are at their prime W-F while The Skanks like Saturday (no surprise), with The Furies and The Graces alternating every other week for Sunday Spo-bits and Monday Matters. This leaves The Norns to do Tuesdays, and they aren’t known for their jolly notions. Erda, the green-faced torso Earth Mother, occasionally rises up figuratively from the ground into my consciousness, not to give inspiration, but a warning, along the line to knock it off and quit with the shenanigans. When in doubt, don’t. Sensible woman, but not helpful for composition.

This is Erda. Please don’t feed her buns and things.

I am afraid I have to disappoint the Spo-fans: there is no performance of ‘The red shoes’ today. For thems rising to a ruckus resembling an orchestra of scorched cats, I say come stick pins tomorrow, I’ll be more responsive.

All hail and greetings! This be Sven, Chair-Master of The Board of Directors here at Spo-reflections. #1 Thrall Urspo tell us certain Spo-fans well over four feet requested conversation. We don’t write as good as he do so I am dictating to my secretary who has permission to make it sound good.

He write often stuff we do not care or understand but it brings tribute we happy. He suggest we take questions and give answers. As Spo says, jolly good fun!

Ask anything! We are Sven, Bjorn, Helga, Snori, #23, Slater-Wotan, Oscar “Bunny” Jarl, Walter Cnut Fafner, and Herbert.

If this fun we do it again!

If no fun we tear off Spo’s yarbles.

Signed, Hlökk

Under-secretary to Sven, Chieftain, The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections, T.E.,B.S. etc.

There are countless stories throughout history but they are variations of the same themes – seven of them to be exact.* One of them is “Voyage and Return” in which the hero(es) venture out from home and eventually return – always transformed.

This morning we start a three-day-long Journey to Michigan to attend Mother’s memorial and close down her house. Like all good journey stories there will be unexpected turns and even peril. We have to travel through hostile territory (Texas and Oklahoma) during a pandemic while driving a rental SUV with California license plate).  I hope there is no shooting.

On the positive I have three ten-hour days to ponder life and write entries and post them at night from seedy covid19-free hotels (or so I hope).

Wish us luck !




*The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections has asked me to charge reasonable attorneys fees for curious Spo-fans who want to know what they are. To save on Danegeld I suggest you look it up on DuckDuckGo.

Many blogger-buddies (many well over four feet) regularly write an entry titled ’12 on 12″ in which they post twelve photos (true!) along with a short description for each shot. These are marvelous and I continually vow to do one of my own. Alas, Babylon! This never works. Perhaps if I start with a mere ‘six on six’this may get into my muscle memory enough in time to graduate to the big people’s table.  Spo

NCA portrait

Here is Urs Truly in proper office attire ready to shrink heads or knock ones together.

Harper 8

This is Harper’s most frequent position and look. It means I am starving and I haven’t had a treat in over an hour. I am sooo deprived.


It’s July and it’s hot as hades here in PHX. Step carefully the sandworms are out in droves.

Alexander Keith

Usually at this time of year we are in the Toronto area. This is one of my favorite beers, forever associated with Canada in summer.  No Canada and no Alexander Keith beer either, worse luck.

Rolling down grass hills.

Rolling down grass hills remains one of life’s best pleasures; go thou and do likewise.

Always doThis quotation is framed and sitting in my office. It is the heart of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy viz. rather than avoiding fears address them.

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections asked me to pass onto the Spo-fans Wicked Hamster has returned to blog-land and I am pleased as punch to do so. Professor Hamster is a fine fellow well over four feet known for his Attic wit and intelligent prose.


Not a Tewkesbury rat

Professor W.H. is the better half to Travel Penguin  another blogger also over four feet etc.



Not a Hamster 

Go have a look-see why don’t you.



The other day I donned my ‘bear colors’ bow tie and black shirt. I often wear this ensemble as the two go well together (no aliens were consulted).

Bear bowtie copy

Urs Truly 2005 


Urs Truly 2020 


The Bow tie: holding up marvelous!

The Black shirt: the current incarnation is holding up fair, it is getting a bit threadbare; time for a new one.

The rest: well….. let’s say I’m still here.  🙂

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