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I am 59 years old today !

I often approach Someone (mostly to his annoyance) to share some fun fact or amusement I have seen on the internet. This ritual starts with “My boyfriend just told me…..” which is interrupted by his inquiry ‘Which one?” I have many YT subscriptions and most of them educational conducted by fine fellows many I suspect are well over four feet. I lump these teachers and instructors into the common category ‘my boyfriends”.  Sometimes I wonder if I am tuning in not so much the content but to simply stare at the fellows giving the lectures. *

I thought I would share a few of them. Perhaps you will find them just as inspirational as I. 


Food Wishes.

Chef John sure has a soothing uplighting voice and his videos about cooking are instructional and entertaining.

It’s OK to be smart

When I am have a hankering the nerdy type this fine fellow is hands down my man to go to.

Isn’t science lovely ?

Father Mike Schmitz

On the other hand when I am want some spiritual pick-me-ups he’s the priest with the punch and the pizzazz.


 Ivar Gunnarsson

My soul swoons. Not only does he fulfill my desire to learn all there is about Iceland he  – oh you figure it out.


Jaeja indeed ! 


*I recall a scene in one of the ‘Indiana Jones’ movies where Harrison Ford is conducting a class in which the front row is full-up with young women all moonstruck at him and not at paying any attention to the lecture contents.




A birthday video in which I show some masks and drink tea and recite a poem (a proper poem no rubbish) and generally ramble.

I am 57 years old today!

Here are some Spo-thoughts on the feast day of my nativity.

I am traveling to Flagstaff today.  Later I will have plenty of time to write ponderous posts. Meanwhile, here is a bit of nonsense to keep you entertained during the car drive. Keep still. Don’t make me stop this car and turn around and go hom.

Once again the earth has ridden the roundabout back to the spot that portends my natal day.  It’s the double-nickel occasion – 55 years old!  In this year’s video Urpso sits in the inglenook and meditates on this, that, and the other. He also thanks everyone for everything.

It is the feast day of my nativity!  In this video Urs Truly talks about a sundry of topics including proper sweets and a snort, and he thanks everyone in the world for everything.

John Smith’s Ale is the official beer of Spo-Reflections.

Today is the feast day of my nativity; I am 53 years old.  It’s time to channel Mr. Beckett again with another Krapp’s last tape.

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