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A birthday video in which I show some masks and drink tea and recite a poem (a proper poem no rubbish) and generally ramble.

I am 57 years old today!

Here are some Spo-thoughts on the feast day of my nativity.

I am traveling to Flagstaff today.  Later I will have plenty of time to write ponderous posts. Meanwhile, here is a bit of nonsense to keep you entertained during the car drive. Keep still. Don’t make me stop this car and turn around and go hom.

Once again the earth has ridden the roundabout back to the spot that portends my natal day.  It’s the double-nickel occasion – 55 years old!  In this year’s video Urpso sits in the inglenook and meditates on this, that, and the other. He also thanks everyone for everything.

It is the feast day of my nativity!  In this video Urs Truly talks about a sundry of topics including proper sweets and a snort, and he thanks everyone in the world for everything.

John Smith’s Ale is the official beer of Spo-Reflections.

Today is the feast day of my nativity; I am 53 years old.  It’s time to channel Mr. Beckett again with another Krapp’s last tape.

Today is National Reading Out Loud Day!

Thank you David, for passing on the idea!

I found this gem while stumbling around YouTube; I thought it spot-on.

However it has one statement at which I take umbrage.

Three guesses what it is!


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