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Once again the earth has ridden the roundabout back to the spot that portends my natal day.  It’s the double-nickel occasion – 55 years old!  In this year’s video Urpso sits in the inglenook and meditates on this, that, and the other. He also thanks everyone for everything.


It is the feast day of my nativity!  In this video Urs Truly talks about a sundry of topics including proper sweets and a snort, and he thanks everyone in the world for everything.

John Smith’s Ale is the official beer of Spo-Reflections.

Today is the feast day of my nativity; I am 53 years old.  It’s time to channel Mr. Beckett again with another Krapp’s last tape.

Today is National Reading Out Loud Day!

Thank you David, for passing on the idea!

I found this gem while stumbling around YouTube; I thought it spot-on.

However it has one statement at which I take umbrage.

Three guesses what it is!


Today is the 52nd year of the Feast Day of my Nativity.


I have a set of new boyfriends; a collection of lads who give me limerence. Who are they? They are the fellows of the ‘educational vlogs’.

It started with dear Mr. Green, who is on “Crash Course” (history) and ‘Mental Floss” (educational tid-bits).

He introduced me to that hottie on “Veritasium”.

But my main squeeze – the nerd who has blinded me with science – is Michael at “Vsauce”.

Suffer, Sheldon!!

I hear bewildered Spo-fans asking ‘What’s the attraction?”  Well my dears, they are cute, intelligent, educational and witty to boot. What more do you need from a virtual boyfriend?  My mind gets to expand while my corpuscles and neurotransmitters get some exercise running around to their usual destinations.

If you likes them older (and less cerebral) there is always my fallback chum Ralfy.  Just hearing my Scots say ‘lovely” makes me swoon.


I hope I don’t have get a stroke from the excitement of all this education.

Hurray for our side ! I am 51 years old today!

It shall be a quieter birthday, for I had a lot of celebration last year for the big 5-Oh.  Last year I was with chums, in rainy cool Alaska. This year is in Arizona, hot and clear as the desert it is. There are no overt plans other than some nasty but oh so delicious fish and chips dinner. There is a British pub in town where one can get proper fish and chips, with a real British Ale. That will be my birthday treat, which concludes a lovely four day holiday weekend.

As always I am grateful for having another year.  I will play some Mahler today (as it is his birthday as well) and listen to ‘I’m Still Here” from “Follies’, which is always a good song to hear on one’s birthday.

I thank Spo-fans for all your birthday greetings but most of all for your patronage and friendships.  Please be with me into this new year, which I hope is marvelous.


Today’s Pic is Urs Truly in his usual business attire – a bow tie.

Bow ties used to be on the fringe, worn only by a few types such as nerds, grooms, New England Protestants, and Black Muslims.  But nowadays they seem to be in vogue, thanks to Dr. Who  “Bow ties are cool!” and gay marriage advocates. Those who once lived in the suburbs of human contempt find that without changing their address they eventually live in the more chic zip codes of the city.  Who knew we were merely paving the path for same-sex marriage?

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