What’s top of my mind: Illness. I have something. It is probably bad allergies or a head cold. Regardless of its etiology its dry hacking cough that can be heard as faraway as Sedona. I am also feeling malaise and unable to breathe through a congested nose. I tried Christian Scientist; I’ve read “The Scientific Statement of being” and I’ve told my so-called illness it is only error and to go away. Despite my efforts to un-see it it refuses to un-see me. I am ready for Nyquil or better yet a hot toddy which my friend Glen has a capitol recipe.

Where I’ve been: The new pizza place. Hot puppies! The local Hallmark store closed and reopened as a pizza parlor. Our usual place (Streets of New York) closed some time ago and there was no nearby alternative until now. They advertise having a ‘Detroit-style” pizza. This pizza is the best there is; do no dare to question this. Unfortunately theirs is page 71; it has lots to be improved upon. I’ve had proper Detroit-style pizza and theirs is a pale imitation. I hope they are ‘just learning’ and get it right in time. If not, I am sticking to the round typical pies. They do have a nice salad though.

Where I’m going: The appliance store (or something like it). I asked Someone what he wants for his birthday and what he would like is a TV. Ours went out many months ago and we haven’t bothered to replace it. Someone watches all his shows on his iPad. I don’t miss having a television but it would be nice to have a proper one when we want to watch something together. We are limited by the space where it would stand in, which is not a large one. I hope they still make them that size.

What I’m watching: Cabinet of Curiosities. The other night we watched the first of an eight-part series of horror stories. The first was a Twilight-Zone sort of story. It wasn’t exactly dinner-friendly (which is when we watched it) but it was well-produced. I am certain we will see the others – maybe on the new TV screen.

What I’m reading: Kurt Vonnegut. I am not familiar with the works of Mr. Vonnegut so I thought I would have myself a look-see. Rather than reading Slaughterhouse-five and I reading “Breakfast of champions”. I’m only a few chapters in but it looks promising. I like his wit and style and the story is interesting – a good sign for a work of fiction.

What I’m listening to: Windham Hill. Every once in a while when I am waxing nostalgic and am needing some calm I play music of this ilk. It’s like a cup of Celestial Seasonings Sleepy time tea: warm, comforting but not much taste or depth to it, but comforting. Although I have heaps it all sort of sounds alike.

What I’m eating: Pho. One of the pharm reps brought Vietnamese soup for lunch the other day, which was a surprise and quite the treat. The bowl was a deep and wide as Lake Michigan and I am getting a few meals out of it. I love a good soup, and pho is one of my favorites now.

Who needs a good slap: Duolingo. My on-line language place recently did up the place to be more like a phone game than a classroom. The new layout is such that I can’t find anything. I dislike the notion of ‘learning is like playing Candy Crush”.

On my 1-5 scale I give Duolingo dos bofetadas which is two slaps.

Who gets the fist bump: Mr. Larry Muffin. The dear sent me a 2023 calendar of photos from the east coast of Canada, a very scenic area. He is un très bon homme well over quatre pieds. S’il vous plaît ne lui donnez pas de petits pains et autres.

What I’m planning: Ructions with the pharmaceutical representative. This Friday I meet with the pharm rep whose company has a new medicine out for depression. Usually these things are just old meds tweaked a bit and labeled ‘new’ but this one Auvelity is lauded as different for addressing channels in the brain that psychedelic supplements and ketamine do. Hot puppies! Something really new! In my research I’ve discovered this new med is a combination of bupropion (Wellbutrin) which has been around since the 80s and …wait for it….. dextromethorphan which is Robitussin which is cough syrup!?! How on earth does cough syrup treat depression? The cost of this medicine is ~$1000/month. What I wonder is why can’t a patient just combine generic Wellbutrin with over the counter Robitussin? Many questions indeed.

What’s making me smile: The troubles of others. This is not nice to admit I know. I’ve been listening to the woes of some bilious billionaires like Mr. Z and Mr. Musk and that cryptocurrency fellow in the Caribbean whose name escapes me with their companies falling to pieces and this makes me smile a bit. The psychosis of billionaires has a tragic side to it that when you are rich no one dares tell you your ideas are crackers and stop – until it is too late. I am beginning to hear rumblings from the thralls and minions of Captain Bone-spurs who are beginning to speak up the emperor has no clothes and this is making Herr Furor upset which also makes me smile – a lot. I am not a nice fellow for this.

In my two years of trying to become a better cook I’ve learned to appreciate having a good knife to work with. Alas, Babylon! I don’t have one. We have a drawerful of knives most of them decades old and as a lot worthless. I’ve managed to make two of them fair-at-best useful via a knife sharpener but this C-grade at best. When I see folks chopping things in the instruction videos their knives are cutting through tomatoes and onions like light-sabers. Top of my Christmas list if a proper no-rubbish type chef’s knife. I suspect this will make meal planning so much better, like having learned piano on an old four-legged spinet only to get a brand new Yamaha. Oh the touch! Oh the finesse!

Trouble is making sure I get a good one. For sometime I’ve been taking names of knife makers as to what might suit me. I want one I can sharpen myself at home. I want one that does the most good (rather than a set). Someone finds it funny in my family Christmas prize wants are precise things. We don’t ask for a shirt, but a specific type found on page so-and-so in the Land’s End catalog, that sort of approach. I’ve been half-tempted to just buy the one I want to guarantee I get a good one, but with Christmas coming this would be indiscreet.

Chopping onions is what I look forward to improving the most. My two old knives barely do the job – either that or I buy very tough onions. I may have to relearn my handle holds etc. to work with a good knife, but I am ready to do so.

I don’t remember any of my relations being choosy about their knives so they are no help. I don’t remember them extolling their knife skills or teaching me the value of sharpening them, something I only connected the dots much later in life.

Spo-fans if you have a good chef’s knife you recommended I would be blithe to hear about it.

How often to you sharpen your knives and how do you accomplish this?

Be polite to rude strangers – it’s oddly thrilling.

Mother was one for the manners. She taught us boys to hold open the door for women, say always please and thank you, write thank you notes for received gifts, and to stand when a lady approaches a table.* One of the hardest rules of etiquette was to never return rudeness with rudeness. Miss Manners is on on this one as well. Mother said it as a sign of good Christian upbringing (turn the other cheek) while Father saw it as ‘being a gentleman’ and Miss Manners adds it as ‘shaming them’ or ‘not stooping’ or ‘setting a good example”. Only the latter admitted one’s first emotional reaction to receiving rudeness is wanting to release a well-phrased acrimonious put-down or better yet hit the bastard. I suspect the author of these one hundred tidbits of advice is going on the notion ‘improving your life’ means not raising the chance of having your clock punched in an altercation that comes from returning the rude-ball.

We are not more rude than previous generations, but with the examples of Tonald Dump and his minions what once was considered shameful behavior in society is extoled as signs of confidence and power. Shame on him and on the social media channels where rudeness can be done anonymously.

Urs Truly tries very hard to keep Mother/Miss Manners in mind when some rude-boy or harridan is cheeky or downright hostile to me in public. Stooping to their level doesn’t really ‘work’ and frankly I am not good at it, so why would I wish to go into the ring on their terms? Ignoring the deplorable one with body language to suggest they are not worth my while sometimes works, but it often it gives them the smug feeling of ‘winning’ for not having drawn me into their realm. Being polite and engaging them in conversation (always in a calm and slow thoughtful prosody) is probably the best bet when caught in such a situation. By saying something they won’t disagree with startles and disarms them of their ‘me vs. you’ stance. Asking them questions as if interviewing a native for National Geographic Magazine helps de-escalate the situation – and bores them. When met with polite engagement and conversation nasty types become bored or flustered and leave in a huff which is what is best. After all I have no real interest in getting to know them, I just want them to go away – preferably without hitting me.

It feels good sensing a ‘victory’ when a yelling Yahoo leaving angry I’ve delayed them on their way to their book-burning. Yes it is oddly thrilling to be polite to ill-mannered folks. I suspect punching them would be more thrilling but with more cost.

How do you handle or address rudeness in public? Do you engage? Do you ignore? Do you hit them about the head with your purse? Do tell.

*Some of these quaint manners are now considered archaic if not downright patronizing. Manners change with the times, but I stand firm on the ‘please and thank you’ and the writing of thank you notes.

I woke this morning at 5AM (as is my wont) and made a hot beverage (which is also my wont) to do the ironing to warm me up. By the time Someone woke I had the laundry and ironing done, my paperwork completed, and the more urgent household tasks accomplished. It is a very nice feeling to get things done and out of the way thus freeing up a Sunday for … gasp…. leisure. I think I will continue with the project of putting all the Cooks Illustrated recipes into my database for easy finding, the recipes I vow to make someday but never do.

Speaking of food, Someone is going to work Thanksgiving weekend (which is his wont) so it’s another Thanksgiving we won’t be doing. We seldom have one. It’s only the two of us and he works late and all that cooking for a few bites of things. One of our meal-kit subscriptions offers a simple T-giving supper so perhaps we may have some turkey after all. That would be nice. I don’t miss the noise and calories that goes with a family get-together but I would like some turkey and gravy.

Someone doesn’t work today so he wants to go to a movie. He loves movies and he isn’t picky what he sees. I am very picky so we don’t do often to his disappointment. We are seeing some animal story about a black panther which i hope doesn’t have too many quick camera shots as I get motion sickness easily at these soirees.

Yesterday I found my one pair of heavy cotton socks which pleases me very much. Most of the time I walk barefoot but the cold tiles around these times is a bit chilly. I also found some flannel boxer shorts which much be very old as it is the sort of thing I wore back in Michigan in 2005. Lovely.

That’s all the bits thats fits to print. I hope you have a good Sunday.

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections found yesterday’s entry rawther boring. They scheduled a rare weekend meeting with today to discuss a visit to ‘The house of corrections for bad bloggers’ but it was canceled after I gave them some curried snack magic mushrooms to try. They are presently orbiting the moons of Jupiter. The dears.

Last night I had dinner with some relations on the father’s side. My grandfather Spo had four sisters who all married and had a lot of daughters, so the paternal cousins have lot of last names and it is hard to keep them in line. Worse, they often go by nicknames like “Dearsie” and “Brownie” making who’s who even more difficult. Supper was with Joy my first cousin once-removed and her daughter Michelle and Joy’s two (out of ten) grandchildren, who is my second cousin and my second cousins-once removed.* Cousin Joy and I regularly chat via FB, both of us being careful not to mention politics as we are at opposite ends in that area. In her defense she never blocked me as an abomination or lectured and she always asks and includes Someone. Someone missed this family reunion as he had to work. I suspect he was relieved. It’s rawther tedious to sit among blood-relations and listen to family stories of which you were not part of.

Oh but there’s work to be done. It makes my eyes cross to think on it. Today’s endeavors include putting away the Hallowe’en trimmings, which are all piled high as Fafner’s hoard on the dining room table. I don’t want to see orange or black for a year.

It remains quite cold in La Casa de Spo so I am wearing my lumberjack flannel shirt and feeling quite butch while I tidy the house and run errands:

Patience above! It’s the same shirt but I don’t look like this anymore, worse luck. I cannot remember when I last bought new clothes. One reason why the shirt remains still wearable is I only wear it a few times each year. Speaking of clothes the gym socks which are continually worn have all gone out en masse and need desperate replacement. A fashion plate I am not. When something wears out I merely buy its replicate.

Speaking of blood…..

Another of today’s pleasures and past times is mopping the floors. Someone bumped his big toe the other night causing much blood that still spurts some every time he changes his socks. Harper has been seen getting up in the middle of the night to go lick the bathroom floor, something she’s never done. Rationalists in the house sense she smells blood and is licking that up, disgusting as that is. Others in the house with more vivid imaginations and a panache for prose believes she turned into a vampire on Hallowe’en and it is only a matter of time we are attacked in the night by blood-sucking mutts. Oh the horror. I will have to sleep with a wreath of garlic around my neck. Meanwhile I am off to Uncle Albertsons for some Pine-sol and a styptic pencil for Someone.

Please tell me what shenanigans you are planning for the weekend, and whether or not there is any blood involved.

*The ability to discern cousins as first or second types, or first cousins once -removed or twice-removed seems to be something you get or don’t get. It is like the ability to roll your tongue or not. I find this stuff easy, my brothers do not. They continually ask me how so-and-so and they are related.

Psychedelics are the talk of the town these days. Plenty of patients are coming in to their appointments having heard of them or read something on line that they are the new miracle cure for whatever ails them. I wish I had a shilling* for every time there is a new and exciting treatment that gets into the public press before the details are sorted through only in time for the promising pill to fall flat. Medicine Road is paved with disappointing discards. This is especially so in psychiatry. I’ve heard all sorts of supplements and such patients hope will be something to help them when other things failed. Alas, Babylon! these are usually are a bust, worse luck. Remember Saint John’s Wort and SAMe? Once upon a time patients were agog about both. In time these two supplements turned out to be duds. It wasn’t that they didn’t ‘work’ but SJW isn’t regulated (or covered) and it only helps in mild cases of depression and it doesn’t like to play with other medications especially birth control pills. Oh the horror. SAMe, at least in The States, in an expensive supplement that by the time the patient gets to the dose that shows promise they are shelling out of pocket hundreds of dollars per month for something that was fair at best. It’s a disappointment.

Which brings us to the newest rising star: psychedelics. Once upon a time LSD, ‘magic mushrooms’, and the like showed genuine medicinal potential. Then the hippies and party boys got hold of them and the straight-laced types were horrified and thems in charge made these drugs illegal no-nos with reportedly no medicinal value. Now we know more about how they work in the brain so they are rising from pariah status towards possible treatments for depression and PTSD.

For thems curious how they work, read on; for thems not interested, skip over this next paragraph why dontcha.

Psychedelics work by interacting with certain neurotransmitter receptor sites in the brain that the conventional medicines don’t. Glutamate and some subtypes of serotonin neurons are the main ones activated. These creates connections not easily done otherwise. Think of airplane hubs and connections. You are in San Diego and you want to go to North Dakota, but there are no direct flights. You have to go to Houston then to Chicago then catch a flight to Bismarck. Psychedelics allow all city hubs to connect directly to the others, allowing connections years of conventional counseling often are needed. In this near-numinous removal of impediments one can do therapy work that otherwise is very difficult or too emotional to do. Another metaphor is finally getting the right-shaped key to open doors to hallways in the brain the usual keys could not open. Groovy.

Trying to sort through the rubbish for genuine worth is a challenge. Research is working on the science of ‘how much’ and in what form and context might these substances actually work and not cause harm. For thems who have never done psychedelics there is the possibility of a ‘bad trip’ and thems doing these drugs often do so with a ‘guide’ nearby to help them in the newly dissociated state of being. These are not to be done likely; do not try this at home. I suspect if/when they become bona fide FDA-approved treatments their use will not be a simple prescription ‘take this daily’ pill but done in a supervised setting with a counselor/supervisor. That will require time and effort on the part of the patient, and this demand may make this a ‘rich man’s drug’ as not many folks will be able to afford taking a few hours off from life/work 2-3x a week to trip in a psychiatrist’s office. **

There is a lot of potential with psychedelics in psychiatry. I hope society doesn’t spoil it the way we did withcannabis. Cannabis has probable treatment benefits, but society voted to make it legal before there were proper tests done on it, so now it is the wild west in terms of amounts/dosages, mixtures etc. Pharmacies don’t distribute these things but merchants who are keen on selling things for profit. When a patient asks my advice on ‘medicinal marijuana’ I tell them it is buyer beware as I can’t tell them ‘how much and how often’ and even if I could there is no guarantee they will find it as nothing is regulated for purity. Now in public domain, no one is going to do the costly research needed to find evidence-based data. For all I know cannabis is mostly placebo effect.*** Thems who try it swear it works, but they were excited to try it in the first place. That sort of set up nearly always works. Oh to have a double-blind study! This won’t happen.

I am excited to someday have psychedelic-based treatments for my patients. What I have now to offer often doesn’t work well or is intolerable. New means of treatment are always welcomed. However I won’t count my chickens. I want to see proper data no rubbish that assure me and my patients psychedelic Rx really works and how to use it and what dangers/drawbacks it could have in the long run. Until then I tell my patients to wait – and don’t do this on your own. For one thing it is still illegal and I hate seeing people deluded by shysters out of their money and hope for miracles that aren’t there.

*This bet amount is based on the pre-15 February 1971 money system. Overall a headache system but more interesting really.

**Presently ketamine indicated for the treatment of depression. This involves going to a certified center 2-3x a week to start with where they administer this psychedelic sprayed up the nose and then you have to be watched for psychoses/dissociation for an hour so. There must be a designated driver to take you to/from your appointments. I tell my patient referred for ketamine to think of it like kidney dialysis in time and effort. Few folks have the time and driver for this sort of thing. Stinko.

***Think of it for a moment. I have heard cannabis lauded as treating almost everything. What drug actually does this? I smell a rat when someone is trying to sell me something that is a panacea of all ills.

It’s cooled off considerably here in The valley of the sun and it’s clouded over. It feels like Alaska without the rain. The air-conditioner, which was going non-stop for months, has shut down into its winter hibernation. The screen door is allowed to say open which allows Harper in and out access as she pleases. Like the Rum Tum Tugger she’s always on the wrong side of every door. For awhile this is remedied until it becomes cold enough to keep doors closed. 

Given my 100% Nordic genetics and Midwestern stock you would think I would be impervious to the cold and once upon a time I was but no more I’m not. Living in AZ gets one accumulated to 40C – 50C temperatures that when it drops below 20C it feels positively gelid. 

Age is another factor. Old folks lose heat from their extremities at an enormous clip and I have arrived to this condition. Patience above! I’m turning into my father again. He is always cold even in summer. He always wants his ‘fleece’ around his shoulders at all times. I used to think this daft but this season I feel similar. Oh the horror.

At the end of the bed is a trunkful of blankets and comforters which I am using to wrap myself burrito-style wherever I am sitting. It’s hard to remember not too long ago I couldn’t get the bedroom cool enough for a good night’s sleep and now I am dragging the space heater around me like Jacob Marley with his chains.

Hot drinks help. I have a collection of Celestial Teas to help keep me warm when proper tea is not indicated.* Sometimes while sitting I put on the laptop a virtual fireplace whose flames and crackles somehow feels warming to see and hear.  

Of course things would be better if we turned the heat on.  Someone never feels the cold and turning on the heat is discouraged until it become ‘too much’ which sometimes doesn’t happen until mid-January. By then Urs Truly resembles The Little Match Girl or Mr. Disney in his Frigid-aire. Oh the pain. 

The cold season feels long as a Helliconia Winter but in time it passes and soon the AC at La Casa de Spo is again going allegro non troppo and the ardent heat of spring and summer have me longing for colder days. Maybe in global warming will remedy the cold temperatures and we will all have to move to Alberta to experience cool climes to again enough to wear our fleeces. 

*As a general rule I avoid caffeinated beverages after 3PM lest I develop insomnia. 

Note: this one isn’t very ‘nice’; I wrote it with some rancor. Spo

What’s top of my mind: The state of the nation. I won’t write anymore on this sad subject, for it is depressing and makes me feel despair.

Where I’ve been: Home Depot. We went to The Land of Orange Buckets last Sunday to look for Christmas lights for the tree. It was a busy place with folks similarly inclined. After years of white lights I wanted colored lights. I hoped for the old-fashioned type where you screw in the bulbs but apparently none are for sale. We bought three large rolls of LED lights which I hope is enough. Someone purchased some blue strands for the outside. I sense Christmas 2022 will be a sad one for a few reasons; having new lights cheered me up some.

Where I’m going: The Good Dentist. This afternoon I have a routine check up to clean my choppers and possibly schedule a time to get a new cap for the gap in the back. I will inquire about the cost of teeth whitening for my gnashers resemble old ivory. Oh the embarrassment.

What I’m watching: The Lunar Eclipse. I got up at 4AM on Tuesday and went outside to see the setting moon with its eclipse. It was a ominous dark red. It looked awesome. I can imagine how my ancestors saw it as a bad sign of something. By 530AM when I left for home for work the moon was bright white but resembling a cookie someone had taken a large bite out of. By the time I got to work it was a full bright silver as usual. I wonder when the next one will occur.

What I’m reading: The Desrik on Yandro. This is a short story I reread from time to time about a pompous self-centered rich man who is lured to Yandro mountain where his great-grandfather once lived but fled a witch living in a desrik on top of it. This spooky tale contains a breviary of beasts like The Behinder, and The Toller, which add to the horror and imagination. There is satisfaction seeing a narcissist bully-type get his come-uppance.

What I’m listening to: Buddha bar music. October has the spooky songs and December has the carols. November is a relatively quiet month when it comes to music. Mercifully there are no songs associated with Thanksgiving time. I am fond of low-key jazz/ersatz New Age music commonly called “Buddha Bar”. It makes for good background music until we haul out the ho ho ho tunes 1 December.

What I’m eating: Licorice. I was on FB the other day when I let out I’d sooner eat rats at Tewkesbury than licorice. A friend called me out on this. She asked had I ever had proper no rubbish-type licorice. I admitted no I have not. I’ve heard rumors thems who live in Sweden and those parts eat the stuff with relish, including salted licorice. I forgot about this dialogue until a small package arrived on Monday, filled with two types of licorice. Oh the pain. The unsalted ones (shared like cats) tasted like… well…. licorice, really no different than Good n’ Plenty minus its charms. The salted ones (herring-shaped) were better that the salt disguised the licorice for a while. The taste of salted licorice is something I can’t readily describe but I’m guessing raw herring probably tastes similar.

Do you enjoy/eat licorice?

Who needs a good slap: Liars. Folks who believe what they wish was true and shout it to make it become ‘true’ were once upon a time considered bad people. Nowadays they are applauded and encouraged, thus expunging The Ten Commandments of one of its rules while these Liars advocate they be posted in public buildings.

On my 1-5 scale I give 5 slaps on the grounds they do a lot of hurt.

Who gets the fist bump: The House Manager. The computer in my office in Mesa is becoming more crotchety with slowness and freezes. This was irksome but now down-right aggravating, correlated with something a tech-minion of The Overlords did to it to enhance security. A classic case of Verschlimmbesserung. I told the House Manager either ten-year-old computer gets replaced or I do. She is a dear, that she didn’t question the request but is getting me a new one. Brava!

What I’m planning: Irish Curry Sauce
. William (the dear!) recently posted a recipe for a curry sauce apparently quite popular in Ireland as a substitute for nasty catsup for the fries er chips. This sounds scrumptious and must-try. However it violates one of my general rules to … oh you know the one.

What’s making me smile: Twitter. This is pure schadenfreude and I am ashamed to admit it but there it is. I quit Twitter some time ago when I realized it was giant black hole time-suck of negativism and lies and hurts. Some of the business podcasts I listen to talk about the drama and woes poor Mr. Musk is going through and the whole debacle makes me smile to see him squirm. I’m in a mean spirit so it is nasty of me to hope it causes him a lot of loss and grief for what he did to the staff. If Mr. Musk lets back on you-know-who I hope both of them take a one-way hike up Yandro mountain and never come down.

Eat meat once a week, max. Ideally less.

This is a curious and controversial one. How does eating meat less than once a week slightly improve your life, I hear you ask? I suppose it is based on the proposition eating less meat or being vegetarian is a healthier diet. Certainly many nutritionists suggest eating less meat in lieu of more fruits and vegetables. Vegetarianism is correlated to less diabetes, obesity, inflammation, and colon cancer, to name a few. However it is devilishly difficult to sort out do the benefits that come from ‘less meat” or from the value of consuming more vegetables with their lovely attributes. Research on nutrition is notoriously complicated and it is nearly impossible to apply findings to a general population. An adolescent boy active in sports isn’t going to have the same nutritional needs as his 50yo counterpart.

Urs Truly was vegetarian a few times, but it never stuck. The first time went well as I was doing a job in a kitchen whose chef carefully planned vegetarian meals, so I ate right – until the job ended. The second time (on my own) was a flop; I became slightly anemic and malnourished. In hindsight I didn’t do it right. I merely cut out meat but I didn’t better the rest of my diet. The third time I gave up as I was bored eating the same things and I missed meat.

Someone and I prescribe to meal kits, which is 3x a week and I always assure one is a salmon dish (for the fish oil benefits) and one is vegetarian. My #29 is more like ‘don’t eat meat once a week, ideally more” and I could to better.

Getting people to eat less meat and more fruits and vegetables is a hard sell. Most people like meat; it has been an integral part of human diet for ages. I remember an Italian friend finding it amusing people ordering expensive meatless pasta dishes in restaurants as pasta was what the poor people ate or what her family ate at the end of he month when there wasn’t money for meat. Major holiday meals traditionally focus on meat (Turkey at Thanksgiving; Ham at Easter). Meat = manhood; many men-folk feel not right when eating only salad stuff.

Like everything else these days diet has become politicalized. The right sees meatless meals as a godless liberal maneuver to take over society and they make a purpose of always eating meat.* Someone told me right-wing preachers pontificate against meatless meals and ‘veggie-burgers’ as evil. Oh the pain.

Apart from the politics and the alleged benefits for the planet** to avoid meat or cut it out completely, I am trying to eat less meat if only to eat more vegetables which is very good at least for me. Vegetables are tricky that they require more work and frankly are more expensive, especially if you are like me that tends to forget what’s in the fridge and has to sadly discard vegetables past their prime, something that happens all too often in La Casa de Spo, worse luck. When eating out I nearly always order a veggie dish as it is less expensive and properly cooked and I don’t feel bloated to go lie down after supper, something I often do at home after a meaty meal.

I was raised it was impolite to comment on other’s diet and food preferences. As a doctor I try to get people to eat better, as this is correlated with better mental health, who knew? On the other hand, I recently heard some data that questions strict vegetarianism for its lack of B12 and challenges it has getting enough protein and iron. It is not impossible but hard enough that most people will bungle it (as I once did) so the medical community is recommended not to recommend it to most patients.

Meat-based diet is a ticklish topic but I think we can all agree eating prudently is a good thing. This probably includes less meat, although less than once a week seems a bit harsh for most.

Do you eat meat? How often?

Spo-fans who are vegetarians – is this easy to do for you? Do you get hassles for it?

*Not too long ago patrons at Cracker Barrel lost there minds over its introduction of a meatless menu option. Rather than just not ordering it, there was a howl of protest to boycott the place. I am not certain but I believe Cracker Barrel capitulated and removed the meatless burger from their menu.

**Many vegetarians and vegans are so not because of the health benefits per se but for environmental concerns. They are not wrong. Unfortunately their point is often presented not as a positive/look at how this helps you and the planet, but as a scolding nag how your consumption of meat is hurting the planet. This is a bad approach as no one changes their mind by someone nagging at you.

I have a question to the Spo-fans who asked for a tarot card reading on Hallowe’en.

Last weekend I sent to the recipients their readings. I have a leftover reading without an owner. I am missing someone.

If you haven’t received yours, please email me.

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