Once in a while I like to promote some blogs I think deserve a larger audience. I find them clever, thoughtful, and delightful – like my men. Alas, these lovelies don’t seem to have get a lot of traffic, based on their lack of comments and ‘likes’. I don’t feel a need to promote the bloggers who are the rock-and-rollers with acolytes aplenty. Rather, I want to point out the gems which I believe are TGR (Thumping good reads). Mind! I think all on my blog list are worthwhile – why else would I include them? I invite Spo-fans to check them out to see if you fancy them.

Here are a few imperial tid-bits worth a look-see. Tell’em Spo sent you.

Cliffie’s Notes

Eileen’s blog is a report of the ongoing cabal of fish and aquatic creatures plotting to wipe out us pesty humans. The entries and zany and whimsical. It also has great ‘B-movie” reviews.

Practical Parsimony

She’s fast becoming one of my favorites. Linda relates her daily doings in a style which reminds me of Erma Bombeck if she had been more pithy and more interesting. I enjoy answering her poll questions at the end of each entry; it is also nice to read her responses.

Sooo-this is me

Steven is in Canada. I met him a few years ago when visiting Ottawa. He is a dear and well over four feet. He writes tender and self-reflective entries about his life’s journey.

Spewing Truth in the face of lies

Truthspew is my techno-wizard and political pundit. Half the time I don’t know what he is talking about but it’s a delight to read his wit about gadgets and gizmos and how he gets them to work. Celver man! Alas, I can’t seem to be able to leave a comment at his blog, but I always ‘like’ what he writes. Really I do.

Willy or Won’t he?

Mr.H already has a good following of minions but I want to shout him out anyway. Willym writes one of the best blogs there is. It is full up with history, theatre, art, and politics (especially Canadian). His blog rivals Wikipedia and it has far better videos too.

And –

Facing Traffic

He’s back! The most handsome David writes some of the best self-reflective prose in blog-land. Do not dare to question this. He pops in and out of blogging like the Flying Dutchman. I hope he stays this time.



It’s that time of year when I ask patients what are they doing for Thanksgiving. This question elicits rich data on family dynamics and social matters. Patients often cringe or tear up and say they have to travel (anxiety) or deal with relatives (depression) or be in two places at once (not likely). Out of politeness they often ask me in return what I am doing for Thanksgiving. This year I am saying “Oh, nothing, I am not doing Thanksgiving this year”.

You think I was announcing I have cancer.

Thanksgiving, not Christmas or July 4, is the real national holiday and everybody is obliged to be with someone else. Loners are looked upon with desperation to fit them with someone, anyone. No one can go without the obligatory dinner with all its necessary trimmings.

I’ve often worked on Thanksgiving. It was a good gig: the ERs were quite quiet and it paid well (no one wants to be away from home on Thanksgiving). So I am used to not having one. This month both of us are struggling to keep austere diets. Someone is working thanksgiving day; I have nowhere to go. We no longer have local friends really, so no one has/will call us to invite us/me over. I think I will have a cozy introverted day to myself . I may make some homemade soup.

People find my plans suspect if not heretical. In the past when I’ve announced my plans I’ve had people I hardly know offer me a place at their dinner tables. It is sweet of them to offer, but I will be quite content on my own on that day.

The potential peace sounds marvelous. No boisterous family members! no football on TV! Best yet, no excessive calories. I just might sleep the day away. This sounds so delicious I am counting the days.

I am curious to know if there are any Spo-fans who ‘don’t do Thanksgiving”. Is it by choice? Are you OK with this?

However I am not a Turkey-Scrooge; if you are in the area that day you welcome to come in for some soup and scotch and a chin-wag. 🙂



P.S. Someone disclosed he is NOT going to work that Thanksgiving Thursday after all. He would like some sort of Thanksgiving dinner. So I will have some after all.  I did all the Halloween preparation; he is welcome to organize the dinner. 


Last night Someone and I met Sean and Jeffrey for supper – here in Phoenix AZ! They are in town visiting Sean’s brother. We were pleased as punch to see them. We all met at “FEZ” which is one of our favorite restaurants full of lovely dishes including the best hummus and pomegranate martinis – not rubbish indeed!

S an J are fine gentleman both well over four feet. We had a lovely chat and we toasted our fellow bloggers, near and fear, active and inactive.

We whipped each other into a frenzied excitement about possible 2018 holidays. The modest proposals:  Provincetown; NY (to see their house); a cruise.  Neither of them have been on a cruise (the ones on water).  In contrast Someone and I are experts at cruising. We will instruct them so. We four agree a ‘blogger-cruise’ leaving from NYC and going to the Caribbean or Canada would be fabulous.  If we turn hard to port and go northwards we could visit Nova Scotia and PEI. There we can visit the fine bloggers who live in those parts.  Some of them are fine ladies and gentleman, many well over four feet.

It could happen.

It was jolly good fun.  I was glad to see them.  Safe travels to both of you as you go back East.

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections has a hornet in their helmet – again. With them it is always something but this time the crisis de jour is a “a lack of humor” in the recent blog posts. Entries like yesterday’s that have any rancor are considered poison at the box office. They sent me a boisterous email threatening to hang me upside down and roast me until I compose something funny.


1 – Last night I heard a podcast episode  from “Hello from the magic tavern” in which Chunt the talking badger was dating a wolverine named Anne Arbour.  It didn’t work out, which makes him her ex, or in this case the X-man of the Wolverine.

I thought this quite funny but I didn’t write it.

2 – Someone is an excellent packer. The clever man managed to put away all my Halloween trimmings into a just a few boxes when the collection was formerly stored in a dozen large popcorn tins. We were able to put all the tins into the recycling bin. There is someone noisy in the neighborhood who peeps into our bins. Finding several large popcorn Halloween tins should puzzle them how on earth did we consume so much popcorn last month.

I did write this one but I don’t know how funny it turns out.

3 – I got a short haircut last weekend but dammit I still have yellow on the temples.

I don’t find this at all funny.

OK try this:

4 –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnQvSemVAlg

Someone find something funny; I don’t want to be roasted.


In my ten year history of blogging I’ve twice written an entry  title ‘A special place in hell”. In them I list the miscreants and malaperts Mr. Dante unfortunately left out of his Divine Inferno.  Yesterday’s entry about blowing up things made me ponder about some more I might lock up on Urspo’s special level of torment and punishment. I think it lies between 5 and 6.

Spo-fans are encouraged to leave in the comment section any villains of their own they think should join my nefarious coterie. 


Those who say “My thoughts and prayers to with you.” in reaction to yet another violent national tragedy.

Thems who use straw-man arguments.

Those who throw away half consumed plastic bottles without first draining the water out and putting the bottle in recycling.

While I am ranting about the locker room,  I will include the bodybuilders who drop paper towel and toilet paper and don’t pick them up.

The entire customer service crew at Aetna health insurance (don’t ask). 

Right-wing Protestants who say “Merry Christmas” as a dare to question this or respond otherwise. 

Parking lots patrons who do not return their shopping-carts to the appropriate stall but leave it so to block parking spaces. 

Fox new commentators. 

Young women who have “BEBE” on their backsides yet take offense at my looking them. 

The person at work who is last to sample the cookie tray or candy dish but won’t ‘finish it off’ but must leave something behind, which gets thrown out. 

The inventor of pop-up ads. 

Tony Perkins, Michelle Bachmann, and Milo Yiannopoulos are my picks to play Satre’s “No Exit” for good. 




Remember remember the fifth of November…..

Today is Guy Fawkes Day. For Spo-fans unaware of this British holiday,  it is based on a foiled plot of political revolution. Guy Fawkes was a fellow well over four feet who was in a cabal of Catholics so outraged with the government they planned to blow up both King and Parliament. The plot was foiled; Guy and pals were executed.

Over the years I have grown more empathetic to Mr. Fawkes.  I’ve never set fire to a public building and I doubt I ever will, but I see the point. They were angry at the general idiocy and downright persecution of their standing government they all went a little balmy and came up with a zany action.  The present troop of baboons running my country is enough to burn my bacon to fantasize how does one go about finding gunpowder.

When Guy Fawkes was discovered under Parliament  red-handed as it were, he was tortured and executed in a style quite gruesome and draconian. We don’t do that anymore other than through the media and Twitter. So I guess I won’t be blowing up no buildings today lest it mar my good Henley St. name.

Sometimes the British don’t burn an effigy of Mr. Fawkes but a politician who is being nasty at the moment. I recall seeing photos of Margaret Thatcher going up in flames. I am curious to see if Hair Furor is being burned today in Old Blighty.  It isn’t nice but I confess it would make me smile a bit

The Boss-woman announced she will be ‘moving in’ to my office (the one in Mesa) to work on the days I am in Phoenix. When I went to work today I see she already brought in better furniture (finding my chair untenable) and some knickknacks that give the room a slight feminine touch. I don’t really use the desk drawers other than to store paper, rubbish, and tea things, so I was planning to clear out some space for her in the desk. I see she has already placed in one of its drawers some sort lotion bottle of which I am unfamiliar.  Having grown up with four brothers I am unaware of the feminine mysteries of cosmetics etc.

In the upper left drawer of said desk, in the tray among the pen, is a red-wrapped ‘Lifestyles’ condom. When I moved into the office it was in there and I haven’t ever moved it. I have never deduced what on earth is it doing there. It has an expiration date of 2/2012 so it is not usable. I should probably throw it out before The Boss-woman finds it and makes sordid presumptions about my probity.

In the lower right-hand drawer is a brain. You can take it apart to reveal the neural pathways used in the treatment of depression and anxiety.  This large slightly off pink plastic goober was left behind by the previous psychiatrist, perhaps with the condom. Set on a stand on the desk, it give the patients the heebie-jeebies so I’ve kept it in the drawer and out of sight.  I should probably throw it out but how?  I am somewhat sheepish to put it in the recycling bin lest the poor sod at the other end finds it and has catalepsy.

The upper right-hand drawer is a bricolage of teaspoons, Stevia packets, and some sriracha chili sauce, along with whatever mugs are at hand. Sometimes I shove into the drawer half-consumed sandwiches or nasty bags of chips if I suddenly have to do something. Sometimes I actually remember to retrieve it at the end of the day, but not always.

The port side middle drawer  has a ‘secret compartment’ in the back so secret I forgot it is there. I found some JAMA journals from the 2010 – 2011 apparently saved for vital reference. Now the contents are as obsolete as floppy discs.

I think I will use the arrival of the Boss-woman as a good reason to commit ‘danshari” and leave nothing behind but the stationary, prescription paper, and the tea things. What more does one need in a modern office anyway? The model brain I might deposit in a mail box, having seen that in a movie once. I think I will keep the condom as sort of a ‘grandfathered in’ object. By now I don’t have the heart to throw it out.


Drat! The yellow spray dye I used on Hallowe’en night would not come off even after a few washings. It was guaranteed to do so. In my frustration (and not too look heinous) I simply shaved the whole thing off.

My chin hasn’t seen daylight in decades.

I am still staring at the mirror at a face I have never seen before viz. older man sans whiskers. Last time I was glabrous was perhaps in my 30s. It is unsettling, like looking at a painting you know well only to see someone has moved the eyes a little. I suppose I look younger, but strange as this sounds I don’t want to look younger, at least not this way.

“Weird with a beard” as we say in The House of Spo – only that I don’t got one anymore.

It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good. I have ceased my continual tugging at my chiny-chin-chin, something I have done so long I can’t remember when last I did not do so.

Whether from the oddity or the novelty I don’t think I am going to stay this way. Happily, growing whiskers has never been a problem for me. I suppose by Sunday I will be sufficiently scruffy to feel less naked and exposed in public.


Urs Truly in his usual hirsute state.


Urs Truly prior to Halloween, near worthy of a post at Fearsome Beard.


Urs Truly this morning. Oh the horror.

IMG_5951 (1).jpg

Urs Truly


The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections

wish all Spo-fans near and wide

Happy Hallowe’en! 

So –

Halloween seems ready at the House of Spo. The outside of the house is lavishly decorated just enough to make the mean neighbors mad-jealous. This year’s “A” candy is “Chuckles” – remember them?  The “C” candy consists always two Smarties.

My month-long unshorn beard is sufficiently long and grizzled to pass off as A Board Member. Tomorrow I go to work dressed as such. I checked: there are no new patients to see.  Can you imagine?

I made devil’s food cupcakes and pumpkin spice snickerdoodles for the offices. I hope no one is on one of the diets that go about the place.  Cast not pearls before swine and that includes orthorexic administrative assistants.

I am still gathering together the names of Spo-fans who want a Tarot Reading on All Hallow’s eve. Any last minute requests?

The Halloween dinner has come together with the following menu:

Black Martinis     images

Mummy jalapeño poppers untitled.png

Pumpkin curry soup

Spooky Slaw salad

Broiled Flank steak (my traditional Hallwe’en supper).

And for small chocolate coon: leftover snickerdoodles, leftover candy, and cupcakes.

It is a tradition at the Spo-House to have ‘the last dip’ in the cement pond on All Hallow’s Eve.  This is to scare away the witches and ghosts. Certainly the shriek of going into the gelid waters is loud enough to scare most anything away.

I hope the long-absent Henrik the Ghost makes an appearance. I miss him.

Then I fall asleep, waiting for The Great Pumpkin to bring us toys. He hasn’t shown yet but there is always sincere hope he will this year.

Halloween Yoke


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