Inquisitive Spo-fans inquire about The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections. They are an elusive draconian group usually not willing to be ‘out in front’ as it were.  Their ways may be byzantine, but they do keep the trains running on time as it were. I recently approached them with the modest proposal I write an entry in which I introduce them to the Spo-fans and they said (to my surprise) yes – or ja, for they are a Nordic bunch. They can be quite nettlesome but they keep Urs Truly from wandering off, losing orbit, babbling without editing, or worse (in their opinion) dropping his drawers in public.  Not all of them wanted publicity, so I present to you the more open members of the Board.


Sven – He is well over four feet. When he isn’t skimming blog entries for double negatives or filth, he is censoring Gauls and Picts. Out of all the board members he is the one most fond of danegeld. The ‘no credit card’ policy here at Spo-Reflections is his brainchild.


Bjorn – Before becoming the Chief Editor Here at Spo-Reflections he taught rhetoric and trivium at Ragnorak University, north of Uppsala. He is the most ‘laid back’ of the board members, which has more to do with the mead than his mettle. He is the only one who can placate Sven when the latter is being implacable. Rumor has it Sven and Bjorn are sweethearts, but I have my doubts. Bjorn just got out of a rocky relationship with Beowulf and he swore a blood-oath “Never again!”.


Helga “Pippi” Long-stocking – Yes, there are women on TBDHSR. She is related (on the mother’s side) to The Norns, The Walkyries, and she is a distant cousin to Carrie A. Nation. This virago of a woman is usually quiet but watch out when she lets out a schreenrauf. Lord have mercy! She makes a hellava of a reindeer casserole for the annual Yule party.


Snorri Sturlson the 23rd – Where he lacks in nuance he makes up with boisterous bellows about deadlines and lack of ‘visits’, all which reverberate throughout the House of Spo. Even Thor (who rents the office next door) has asked him to make less noise.


Slater-Wotan – He is a graduate of Walsung State U. He is well over four feet. He is in charge of the photos which appear on the blog. Alas, the man hasn’t a ‘good eye’ for the job; he only gets things in focus ~ 50% of the time. Go figure.


Oscar ‘Bunny’ Jarl – He is oldest board member: no one quite knows his age. He is a dear. Please don’t feed him buns and things.


Walter Cnut Fafner– He is a giant of a man, well over fourteen feet. Helga thinks he has Frost-giant blood (a reference to his height and to his frigidity). He is in charge of screening out the spam comments.  He also plays the Eddas.


Herbert – He’s the quiet one on the board which is saying something. Normally a meeting of the board has the cacophony heard going into one of histories more bloody battles. They are a boisterous bunch. But not Herbert.  But, still waters run deep. He’s up to no good, that’s for certain. These quiet sorts: Uriah Heeps all of them. If the Board votes to take me to the chopping block they get Herbert to write the email.