I am 56 years old; I am well over four feet.

I started blogging in February 2006. I use the pen name “UrSpo”. “Ur” suggests something ancient and primordial while “Spo” is a funny-sounding word I remember from youth. Saying ‘spo!’ always made me smile.”UrSpo” sounds like the start of a joke, or something archetypal at least comic. It is a rather lofty pen name for someone who just wants to write dribble.

My real name is Michael Charles.

I have a long time companion, who in my blog I refer to as “Someone”. This is a reference/homage to one of my favorite authors Alice Thomas Ellis. In her ‘Home Life’ series she referred to her spouse as Someone.

In my blog I write about my daily doings and what is on my mind. My blog is my way of scratching an itch to be a writer.  I am not very good at it I suppose but I enjoy trying. I regularly evoke The Muses or somebody like them.

Spo-reflections is managed The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections. They are a boisterous bunch busy-body Vikings. They keep me on my toes and ascertain I am not writing anything political, dirty, or with dangling participles.

Writing is my hobby; my profession is medicine. I am a psychiatrist trained in the Jungian school of psychology. I sometimes write about Jungian concepts and sometimes I write about the quotidian life of a physician.

Some ongoing categories you will see here:

Randoms Thoughts

Walking the dog

Notes from the Office

Curious Things about the House

Spo-Reflections on (insert topic here)

In my second half of my life  I am opening up to new ideas and growth of the Self – but I would like a cup of tea, please.

I meet many bright and friendly souls along the way. I thank you for dropping by. It is an honor for me. Please leave a comment if you like something – and to tell me who you are.

I hope our time together is something marvelous.