1. I descend from Western European Stock ,mostly English/German/Dutch and some Canadian (English and French).  Both my family lines have been in North America for over 12 generations.  I have insipid WASP roots.

2. I am the oldest of four brothers.  I am the shortest in height, which makes my younger brothers very pleased.

3. I have never seen my parents fight; they have been together for over 50 years.

4. I am a  student of wine and whisky.

5. I  collect art work from the Pacific Northwest.

6. Coconut makes me ill.

7. Tea is my drink and anodyne for all ills ; green, white, oolong, or red/black- I love it so !!

8. I am forever trying to flatten my stomach..

9. I love the opera. My favorites are “Dialogues of the Carmelites”, “Salome”, and “The Ring Cycle”.

10. My favorite composer is Mahler; we have the same birthday.

11. I am a board certified Psychiatrist.

12. I have gone through Freudian and Jungian psychoanalysis. I am a Jungian in my psychological approach to treatment and life.

13. Since 2005 I have lived in Phoenix, Arizona.  I am a native Michigander. (Go Blue!)

14. I take medicine for high blood pressure and high cholesterol/triglycerides.

15. I have never smoked tobacco or marijuana.

16. I hope I never stop learning and growing.

17. My fears – tarantulas, angry crowds, nuclear weopons, being sued, and heights.

18. I love to read. I would choose a book over most activities.

19. Things I haven’t ever done (so far) – been married, been arrested, or hit anyone.

20. I love to garden; growing heirloom tomatoes are my favorite. There is nothing as good as a home grown tomato – except perhaps a home grown melon.

21. Some of my favorite things – thunderstorms, a back stratch, hot water, noodles, and something which will remain blank lest my relatives read this.

22. I continue to work on the advice “Be Not Afraid”.

23. Thanks to blogging I have a network of blogger buddies, male and female, far and near. They are the best thing about blogging: the community.

24. I have ‘ADHD” wiring.

25. I am Catholic.

26. I am left handed; but I can do most things right handed if needs be.

27. I have a small hump at the base of my neck.

28. Despite years of ownership, I can’t operate the home entertainment system.

29. In general I am suspicious of technology.

30. I am aggravated by ignorance, rude people, and drivers using cell-phones.

31. I make Hawaiin style shirts.                                        

32. I stutter if I talk too fast.

33. I speak some German;, also some American Sign Language (ASL)

34. I like hot and spicy food and I put ground pepper on nearly everything.

35. My favorite hot sauce is “Melinda’s’

36. I want to meet everybody on my blog list.

37. I want to see Ireland before I die.