texas-flagI am packing  this evening to fly to San Antonio tomorrow, to pow-wow with my fellow wizards at a medical conference. It will be my first time in Texas. (1) I feel like Margaret Meade going to the Bantus to observe tribal behavior.

In my life I’ve met only a few Texans; most of my knowledge about the state is from internet (liberal) news sites. I have the impression I will be among Bible-thumping, gun-slinging, GOP-worshiping Protestants. Poor Texas! According to The Weather Channel they freeze to death in winter, are blown away by tornados in spring and hurricanes in the fall, and in summer has more humidity than a steam room.  I wonder what Texans are really like. Perhaps I shan’t see any true Texans for I will be ensconced in a swanky hotel for 2-3 days.

I have a fancy to skip class and visit the Alamo, but I have my doubts. Unlike most Americans, I know some history. The story of the Alamo is a complex tale, the  accumulation of years of Spanish-Mexican-American tensions. The Alamo is not a simple black vs. white, good vs. bad, us vs. them story. (2)  I worry if I dare doubt the dogma some outraged person in the tour group will shoot me on the spot. (3)

Perhaps I will just stay safely indoors at the Hyatt and eat BBQ. The few Texans I know loudly boast BBQ from Texa is better than anywhere else (4).

Another ticklish topic I shall eschew is the subject of Texas cessation. I’ve heard rumors The Lone Star State wants to leave the USA and have another go at being a Republic. I don’t know what percentage of Texans actually want this. Interestingly I don’t hear what percentage of the other 49 wish to vote Texas off the island, as it were. (5)

Anyway, I am sure to keep Spo-fans abreast of the news as I vagabond about Texas.

I promised Someone I would not bring home any cowboy things.



1- In 2005 when we moved to Arizona we drove through the top part of Texas, but I slept through it.

2 – In the case of the Alamo, brown vs. white

3- The Alamo website instructs men to remove their hats when visiting, as if it were a sacred place, like a church. Same website assures me is OK for men to carry around a gun.

4- Come to think of it, they boast everything is better in Texas.

5- I am for all for succession if Texas take Mr. Cruz with them.