This morning having woken from a series of disturbing dreams I did not find myself having been transformed into a large-size monstrous vermin (it could happen) but in a pleasant mood. The sun is shining and it isn’t too cold. Provided I didn’t turn on the cellphone to read the headlines  to spoil things Life looks good today. I am quite aware things are not that jolly but it helps to disinvite the world in when one isn’t even out of bed.  Every morning I say a silent prayer to whatever gods that may be listening: “I am thankful I have another day – more Life.”  These days gratitude is heightened and good for that.   

Unlike many I went to work last week. It felt good to be in some sort of normalcy especially when I remember I am trying to heal the sick ‘in the trenches’ as it were as doctors ought to do (at least the ‘good ones’ anyway).  I am going on the surmise it is just as matter of time I get the bug or at least ‘turn positive’ and have to stay home for a fortnight or more.  This dreadful prediction is another aspect folded into my morning meditation of thanks I’m still here for now.


It’s Saturday and there’s work to be done. I am grateful for some charting to do. Lands sakes! There isn’t much else to do really!  However all is not drab and drudgery. We have a ‘date’ this evening. The fellows with whom we were to rendezvous in Palm Springs have proposed we do some sort of ‘virtual dinner party’. This means we all make a meal and somehow sign onto the internet so we can see each other eating and we natter.  This will be a new experience and I wonder if I will I awkward. Watching folks eat online shouldn’t be any different than watching them munching in real life no? 

Then there is the menu. Someone and I were scheduled this evening to eat leftovers or who-hash or (worse) open tinned cans of something. Does one dress up and make something fancy for a virtual dinner-party? I looked it up online and Miss Manners is silent on the subject.  I suppose in normal times I wouldn’t dream of going out with chums to a restaurant without attending to my appearance and being on my best behavior. I go with the notion virtual dinner manners and protocols ought to be the same – even with familiar friends whom I have seen parading around ‘sky-clad’ at clothing optional resorts.  

This leads me to the delicate topic of what to call such virtual experiences.  This morning I was online with Brother #3 and Father; they referred to our trio-communication as ‘having a three-way’. This is not an appetizing notion. I did not explain my more lurid association with their word-choice. Is there a less-suggestive word for such social intercourse? 

I bet you a nickel this evening somebody will make the ribald joke of ‘having a three-way’ and threaten (as a reference to Palm Springs shenanigans) to drop his pants in the middle of dinner.  This is something normally one doesn’t do at proper dinner parties but all bets are off if there are cocktails involved or The Other Michael is in high spirits.