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I haven’t done a ‘meme’ in a while. This morning over breakfast Someone was reading ‘Vanity Fair’. I saw Lily Tomlin’s picture and asked about it. He explained the magazine has a meme that it regularly asks celebrities to fill out. He read me the questions and her answers. I thought this would be a jolly good fun entry for myself and Spo-fans to read and do. There are thirty-three questions, so I thought to break this into three parts of eleven. Enjoy. Spo.

1. What is your idea of perfect happiness? Being content in the moment at hand. Happily this is possible a lot of the time in various circumstances.

2. What is your greatest fear? The triumph of Ignorance over Reason in any scenario.

3. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? To immediately go to “The Clown” in response to things.

4. What is the trait you most deplore in others? Certainty in something that is not true.

5. Which living person do you most admire? Malala Yousafzai.

6. What is your greatest extravagance? The general approach to buy what I want.

7. What is your current state of mind? This being Sunday of a three-day-long holiday my current state of mind is a perfectly happy one.

8. What do you consider the most overrated virtue? Constancy. Oftentimes this really is about stubbornness and invertebrate living.

9. On what occasion do you lie? Two come to mind:

#1: to spare needless pain in others.

#2: to avoid a truth that if revealed would serve no value.

10. What do you most dislike about your appearance? My abdomen. Were it were flatter.

11. Which living person do you most despise? At the present this is Putin.

Spo-fans as encouraged to give this a try; I would love to read your responses.

I recently watched “The Sentinel”. Ii is a horror movie I remember from my youth as quite scary. I wanted to see if it was still so. I put it on the list of movies to see at Halloween. This time I thought it cheesy, although the 70s attire was cute. I laughed at the ‘fully furnished newly decorated’ NYC apartment with its harvest gold appliances. It got me thinking about movies in general. The Muses (who like a good film) immediately pounced, saying go thou and write a meme. Here it is. Spo

A movie I will never watch: Arachnophobia. Even the title gets me going. You could not pay me enough to do so. End of discussion.

A movie that did not age well. Thoroughly Modern Millie. Once upon a time I thought it the most brilliant movie ever made for its acting, tunes, and choreography. Oh the pain.

A movie I never grow tired of seeing: Cabaret. Everything about this movie mesmerizes me: the acting, the tunes, the choreography. This one t, not Millie, has endured time.

A movie that still makes me laugh: Duck Soup. Whenever I am taking life, work, or myself too seriously, I watch a Marx Brothers movie. Duck Soup is their best. Run do not walk to see this masterpiece.

A movie ‘I don’t get’: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I lump this one into the common category of slasher movies something I don’t care to view. I have never liked ‘violence as entertainment’ and that goes for action shoot-them-up movies, with or without monsters.

A movie I want to see but never seem to get to: Wuthering Heights. This is the black and white version with Laurence Oliver in it. I want to see what they do with the book.

A movie I staunchly defend against all critics: Phantom of the Paradise. This movie hasn’t aged well, I admit it, but it had good points. The positives of the rock-n-roll world being taken over by cynical trash types more interested in sales and spectacle than talent. I think of this when I hear of today’s artists trying to make it up against the barons of the music industry and Spotify and Youtube and such.

A movie that is a must-see for Halloween/Christmas: The Haunting 1963; A Christmas Carol with Alistor Sims.

A movie you want everyone to see: Rashomon. This masterpiece of film is a must-see in my opinion even more than before. It is a story about a group of men passing time discussing a local crime where a bandit ambushed a couple in the woods. One man tells the tale as confessed by the bandit; one tells the police report of the woman; one (through a medium) tells the story from the killed man; and the last man we learn actually saw it – but his tale is suspect. Despite four witnesses there is a no conclusion what actually happened – and can we every know objective truth?

Spo-fans: please play along and list your movies in the meme. I would love to hear your responses. Perhaps I will get a few movie recommendations – and a few to avoid.

Robzilla (the dear!) provided me a marvelous meme for a Monday. It is titled ‘mood check’; it is based on some rings from The Lantern Corps. I don’t know who they are but The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections looked them up in ‘The Observers Book of Mythical Organizations’ and assures they are ‘legit’ no rubbish types.  Spo.

Rage: Rage is Anger combined with Impotence. I’m angry but I feel I cannot do anything about it. Think of King Lear, naked, howling in the rainstorm and the injustices done to him by his daughters. I feel great rage at Ignorance in all its malicious forms. Ignorance shouts louder than Truth and it seems to be winning. The approach to rage is not to succumb. The trick is to not focus on what you cannot do, but what you can do. This turns Rage into Action. ‘Do what you can’ I tell myself when feel rage.

Avarice: The intense emotion of wanting more than one has already rests upon a feeling of deprivation. Avarice is the shape our unneeds take when feeling desperate. Feeling gratitude helps assuage the howl of sharpened famine that emanates from emptiness. My material needs are OK at the moment, so I am not feeling avarice so much as frivolous. I would like a new car and a new chair for the office, but I can do with what I have.

Fear: There is lots to fear these days of course. My challenge is not to be fearless but to learn from my fears what they are trying to tell me. Courage is the act of doing, despite the fear. I am not a courageous fellow, but every time I face my fears and do the right thing I feel a Superman. 

Willpower: A word and concept I am forever telling my patients to give up. This nonspecific emotion constantly causes shame and guilt in thems who try to use ‘willpower’ and fail. When I admit to myself I don’t have any (and good riddance) I paradoxically better my chances to succeed by working with my frailties and knowing my shortcomings. Willpower is worth a blog entry some day.

Hope: I don’t have the type of hope that sees the future knee-deep in buttercups and daisies.  The Stoics’ definition of Hope is not that things work out OK but despite what happens we will get by somehow.

Compassion: I try to constantly keep conscious of this in order to do the right thing.  This must be done even with the most loathsome of folks and the least liked of patients. I have to find something, anything about them for which I can plug my compassion into them in order to have any hope of being of use to them. It isn’t easy and it must be done constantly.  If I cannot elicit any compassion I need to get the patient someone else.

Love: There are many types of love of course. A sort of Love is the type I have for my Spo-fans and Blogger-buddies.  You are dears, all of you. 

Patience above! This meme isn’t anything at all what I meant it to be as I copied and pasted the outline.  

My brothers and I regularly text each other, mostly about chit-chat and funny photos*. I’ve recently included these fine fellows (who are all well over four feet) into ‘The daily “Good Morning!” meme club’.

Bruce, a friend of mine who lives in California, every day texts me a “Good morning!” meme. He does not miss a day. They are made by the management at his condominium in Palm Springs and sent to the owners who want one. These are usually tasteful Palm Springs scenarios.  Bruce occasionally makes his own usually of tasteful Palm Springs of his condominium. Bruce sends the meme to others as well. I don’t know if all reciprocate to him, but I always do.  I nearly always send a “Good morning” meme back – which are not of Palm Springs scenarios nor are they tasteful. Bruce usually responds to mine with LOL or a question of what the hell is that. 

An example of Bruce’s

Later I dawned on me to do onto others.  Every morning after Bruce shows me his and I in turn show him mine, I proceed to pullulate the text to my own nearest and dearest. First in line is The Best Friend. After him comes my chums in Illinois, followed by The Brothers.  Then I jump over to the East Coast (who are often well into their mornings) and work westward to Shawn (the dear!) of Fearsome Beard.  

Some recipients always respond back while others seldom do or not at all.  It does not matter to me. Some don’t always get a daily dose, for I sense they are not wanting such. **

there are lovelies on the internet

I like this daisy chain of morning greetings, this simple hello! to let folks know I am thinking of them. Perhaps they have an anticipation of ‘what will today’s meme be?” 

for mornings I am rawther exhausted

I hope thems who receive them enjoy them. I like sending them, along with thoughts towards their welfare.

If any Spo-fans want a (near) daily “Good Morning” meme sent to them I would be blithe to include you.

*Brother #3 sent a photo of George, his cat, in a KFC bucket, with the title “Meat’s back on the menu, boys!”  I sent back my meme made from a photo of said cat that says “George the Cat is not amused”. Brother #4 found this hilarious. Brother #2, who does not rise before noon, did not participate.

my Wednesday morning meme

**No one has yet texted me back to say ‘please stop doing this’. I suppose thems who never reciprocate could be sending me an indirect speech act of cease and desist.

Every morning (with few exceptions) my friend Bruce sends me a photo inscribed with the words “Good morning”. I reciprocate by wishing him a good morning. Most times a send with the text a photo apropos to the one he sent me. Most of the time this intercourse is a single ‘lob’ to and from and the morning ablution is concluded. Thinking this a good idea, I save the meme and pass it on to my nearest and dearest. I start with The Best friend and The Other Michael and then on to a few ‘regulars’.  Most mornings I send the meme to a random person from my telephone roster.*

Each morning I have the anticipation of Bruce’s text and wondering ‘what will today’s meme be like?” He lives in Palm Springs, so these often have scenes from that neck of the woods.


I thought he made these himself and sends them to me personally. Later I learned it is not Bruce who makes them but someone at the condominium complex where he lives who generates the photo to all the habitués. Bruce passes it on to a lot of folks, myself included. No No surprise I suppose, but there was a slight disappointment to learn this viz.  I am not ‘special’.  Now there is a satisfaction I am part of a daisy-chain of salutations that spreads across the country every morning. 

Inspired by this, I have begun to make my own “Good morning” memes to pass along as well:


This is a silly mawkish thing to do, I know, but it is a nice way to start the day and to let folks know I am thinking of them.


*Most of the time I do not hear back from them: I wonder what they think of receiving it.   


It is Valentine’s Day tomorrow and there is a meme on Facebook I thought I would try here. Feel free to copy such a play along.

Where you first met:  Key West, Florida

How did you meet:  At ‘happy hour’ at the resort we were attending. He was on a business trip; I was on my annual winter holiday. Neither one of us was looking for such.

First date: There are conflicting stories of what happened and when it did it happen. It is like “Roshomon” without the subtitles. 

How many years together: we met in 1997. I had to get out the calculator. Patience above! 24 years!  

Age difference: Someone is older by seven years. 24 years ago it seemed more important. As we age the gap decreases in significance. 

Who was interested first: Oh, I was. I was a moonstruck idiot. 

Who is taller: I am, although we are both well over four feet. 

Most obnoxious in-laws: Someone has no relations while I have dozens and most of them have untreated ADHD. They all like to keep in touch with us. Someone should have asked a few logical questions before saying ‘yes’.

Who said “I Love you”first:  I did. 

Worst temper: Neither one of us is ill tempered. I get cross at times. When Someone is angry/upset he broods. However, he ‘lets it rip’ in the car towards obnoxious drivers. My eyes cross at such awful language. 

Most sensitive:  Someone.

Most annoying habit: He would say it is my not paying attention/not listening. As for his worse habit, Someone seems incapable at cleaning out the dryer lint trap. This is where I should have asked a few logical questions before saying ‘yes” 

Most forgiving:  We are both good at this. 

Loudest:  I have a voice once described as “Wagnerian, without the charms”. 

Who has the most useless facts: I win by a country mile. 

Funniest: I am. Do not dare to question this. 

Who wears the pants in the family: In all matters I defer to Someone. This makes for a happy marriage. 

Most stubborn:  Someone. 

Falls asleep first: Someone can fall asleep in less than five minutes, anytime and anywhere. Amazing. 

Most impatient: I am. 

Better driver: see “Who wears the pants in the family” response. 

Biggest neat freak: Ms. Kondo and I are one.  

Most social:  Urs Truly is constantly texting, calling, blogging, and reporting to Someone who doesn’t do any of these things. 

Least likely to remember to do what the other one asks him to do:

Three guesses. Oh the embarrassment. 

Most competitive: Neither one of us is so.

Best cook: I have surpassed Someone in all categories of cooking but chicken pot pie. 

Who is the handy-person: Someone is much better with his tools. The challenge is getting him to use them. I find a good way is to do so myself only to make a mess of it, obliging him to do it right in the first place.  

Post a picture:

Spo-flections and Heorot Johnsons are both closed for the day to give the author and TBDHSR time to haul out the Hallowe’en trimmings.

Here’s some memes until I can think of something worthwhile to write….


I need a brief break from ponderous erudite posts and The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections is breathing down my neck to put out something ‘funny’.  Until I can cook up something ‘funny’, here’s some memes to give you a smile or even a chuckle. Feel free to take’em. 

Wait 2


more weird stragiht

Theres always time for tea

Goblin King

Rats at Tewke

Here a some jolly good fun memes Urs Truly enjoys using on Facebook and in texts. Some of them I found on the internet; the others I made myself. You can probably guess which ones fall into which category. I thought it might be amusing to share with the Spo-fans to bring you a smile.  I have heaps. I will release them in a trilogy of entries as I worry readers will become overwhelmed by glamor and mirth.


This one is good for birthdays especially if the recipient tends to be rawther ‘into it too much’.


Great great Uncle Orin (no stranger to Wild Energy) makes a good meme.


I use if often; it is one of my favorites.




Hot puppies!  You bet I’m loving this one!  

David (the dear!) suggested I answer a few questions he thought would promote writing and be entertaining. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections unanimously voted this as a splendid idea. That’s quite a compliment to David for they seldom agree on anything, usually resorting to fisticuffs and swordplay to clear things up.  They proposed I tackle the questions in a series of entries, so here is the first batch. Unfortunately these ancient and austere Norsepersons wanted to add a few questions of their own. I’ve interspersed them with David’s.

Spo-fans are encouraged to answer the questions themselves in the comment section.

What was the most brilliant idea you had last week.  I realized if I save signing off on sent prescriptions to the end of the day I can do that in one step, rather than a series of piecemeal sign-offs.

Who did you fight last and what damage did you do them.   I had a FB row with a cousin about Hurricane Harvey and whether or not this is G-d’s wrath.  No one was physically harmed in the battle.

Who was the kindest person.  Domani Dave, who sent me a book.  I was quite touched.

What made you laugh.  My new favorite podcast “The Magic Tavern” . For thems who don’t know this marvelous podcast, it is a cross between Firesign Theatre and Dungeons and Dragons.

In the past week which public building have you torched.   The Supreme Court in Washington D.C. but it was only virtually damaged.

What made you angry.  Hair Furor and his constant shenanigans and outrages.

What inn did you last pillage.  None, but this weekend I am staying at the Marriott in New Orleans, so I may be able to kill two birds with one stone but pillaging and torching it afterwards.

What made you want to cry.  Human ignorance, hate, and folly.

Where did you see attend the last blood eagle.  Does hearing about one listening to The Great Courses count?

Where are you/where do you want to be.  I am at work, goofing off during a ‘no-show”.  Where would I want to be? : under Jake Gyllenhaal.

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