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I have a patient who tells me she routinely visited at night by ghosts. She doesn’t seem psychotic or delusional, and she is sees me for her ADHD – not for an exorcism so I don’t inquire into this much. In the appointments she tells me what’s been happening since her last appointment and this includes whose recently visited. “I was talking to my mother last night…” that sort of thing. 

I seldom remember my dreams and what I do recall never have ghosts in them. I wouldn’t mind a visit from my dead relations (well some of them anyway) but either they don’t exist or they aren’t interested.  It might be a bit awkward if they did for I am now at an age when I am older than some of them when they died.  I am now old enough to be Grandfather’s older brother. Then there would be all the explanations. I sleep with my cellphone at the ready lest I am paged.  Conversations with my great uncle Milo (who died in the 70s I recall) would probably be blighted by having to explanation things like cellphones, the internet, and Donald Trump.*  If there is enough time to get through these sort of talks and around to how they are doing and where are they are the next set of awkward conversations  would be how did I turn out and where is my wife and who is that man next to you etc. 

Maybe the reason no ghosts (kin or otherwise) disturb Urs Truly’s slumbers is I’m boring and they are away conversing with our more interesting relations. I was never the centre of attention at parties so why would it be any different for the dead?  

After I kick the bucket I think I would like drop in on my loved one’s descendants. I would be curious if they remember or have heard of me. If I should predate Someone I’d like to have a look-see at who has taken my place – hopefully someone who allows him a TV in the bedroom. 


*I can imagine these things would be hard to believe. 

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