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What’s top of my mind: The future of my job. I’m a bit paranoid about job security. Mind! There is no overt evidence the place where I work is floundering, yet there are subtle signs of concern. Several therapists have left or have retired and no replacements are coming in. My bosses recently tried to sell the place and both are ‘getting up there’ with one of them really wanting to retire. I wonder what would happen if they suddenly announced they are closing shop. As this is all conjecture I won’t worry about it now. I don’t know any unemployed shrinks.

Where I’ve been: Modern Quilting. This is the local fabric shop; I like to patronize it whenever I can, preferring it over Joannes. They recently remodeled the place, and sent out an email to come on in and see it. I need more fabric like a trephination but I support small business. I bought some Christmas fabric of cardinals on pine branches to make me a holiday shirt. I only have one; I’ve given the others away.

Where I’m going: The Van Gogh Exhibit. Someone reminded me yesterday we have tickets for such. Apart from the concerns of covid19, I am looking forward to going. I am not aware of what it is exactly, so my expectations won’t be disappointed. Folks are raving about it, and I haven’t been to an exhibit in years. Has anyone attended this?

What I’m watching: The constellation Pegasus. Every morning I turn the wheel on the wall in the laundry room to advance the stars by a day and every night I go outside to verify my handiwork. The constellation Pegasus shows up in the autumn and is high overhead on Hallowe’en night. Soon after the winter ones show, bright and stelliferous.

What I’m reading: Too many things at one time. I have four books going at once, as is my wont. I have never been good at reading “A” through before starting “B” and so on but I read “A”, “B”, “C”, and sometimes “D” at the same time. They are purposefully picked to be different enough so I don’t mix them up. It isn’t hard to do. Terry Prachett and Fenimore Cooper have quite different writing styles although both are a bit bizarre and hard to believe.

What I’m listening to: Newton’s Law. This splendid history podcast is the story of Sir Isaac Newton, who, being bored at being a genius (does not pay well, apparently) took the post to manage The Royal Mint. Rather than being another no-good do-nothing government employee he rolled up his sleeves and kicked-butt and took-no-prisoners to reform the economy. He was brilliant and a bitch. Jolly good fun!

What I’m eating: Envy Apples; in a pinch: Granny Smith. I like apples in the autumn. Uncle Albertsons has heaps although many are on the sweet side. I like my apples tart, tangy, and with a good bite – like my men. Someone likes his on the opposite end of the spectrum. Fuji, Gala, and Honeycrisp are more along his line. What sort of apples do you like/have your neck of the woods? No rubbish types, I trust.

Who I’m paying attention to: Nobody in particular. There never seems to be anyone other than the usual ones: Someone, family members; Spo-fans and such. I think next week I will change this to some other W. I am open to suggestions. ‘Who I am fantasizing about’ may be amusing. ‘Who I’d like to slap silly” is another.

What I’m planning: Cooking with Yuzu kosho. Every so often I read about a condiment, usually from Asia, that sounds exotic, tasty and worth trying – like my men. I put it on my ‘wish list’ and The Benevolent Bezos sends me some. Unfortunately there is often a large lapse between my fancy and the delivery – and I can not remember what it is for or how to use it. I looked online. A random website says:

Yuzu kosho from Japan is a paste-like cooking ingredient made with fermented chili peppers, salt, and yuzu, a Japanese citrus that looks similar to lemon but with a more potent and floral taste.

Sounds scrumptious but not very helpful. It gives me something to research this weekend. Does anyone have any experience with this before I do something stupid?

What’s making me smile: Good morning memes. Every morning* I start the day but sending out a good morning meme to friends, family, and Spo-fans – at least thems who said it was OK and seem to appreciate such. I try to come up with a new one every day. Lately a handful of the catchers have become pitchers; they are sending me a good morning meme before I send out mine. As they live on the east coast, I wake to find these ‘good morning memes waiting for me. This is a lovely way to start my day. I also smile when the recipients send back a similar good morning.

*OK, not every morning but nearly every morning. Sometimes when I wake it feels too late in the day for thems on EST to receive such a salutation. Sometimes ‘The Good Morning’ memes are too doggerel to send to the general public. Oh the embarrassment.

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