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Brother #4 et. al. left today after their long weekend. They had a delightful time. The weather was good and they got to see the sights. We had some laughs and a couple of good suppers Now the house is quiet again. I enjoyed their visit but it is nice to have the place to myself again. Even the best of visits are a tad exhausting.  I am looking forward to things going back to normal. I will spend the next few days doing linen laundry and putting back a few things moved or put away for the visit. It feels good to once again walk around in my underwear and play music out loud.

In the festive spirit of their visit I  ate food I normally don’t consume: grilled steak, cake, ice cream (chocolate and vanilla), and lots of (nasty) chips. These were delicious. On the negative after ingesting these delicacies I would immediately want to go to sleep. In the evening we played some board games I don’t quite remember being in. I didn’t win any of them no surprise. It doesn’t help the annual allergies started so I am back on the antihistamines.  I could sleep for days if left alone.  Despite the lethargy I am determined to go to the gym after work today; it will be my first time in a week.

It is only Tuesday but I am already wishing for Friday. I am in much of a rest – and a haircut. I look like a Wild Man from Borneo as we used to say while we were growing up. I have never met any men from Borneo, wild or not, so I don’t know if I truly resemble one. If they look like how I look I am sorry for them.


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