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Spo-fans may recall a few weeks/entries ago The Board of Directors You Know The Rest burned down the board room. I think at some level they were hoping to filch farthings from the Spo-fans in a fire-sale fundraiser. Unfortunately The Notre Dame fiasco eclipsed their shenanigans. The millionaires are donating to Paris not to WordPress. It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good and this includes impudent Archetypes.  I pointed out to the miscreants there is nothing like a new tunic to brighten up your day so do let’s tidy up the place and make some improvements.

While they are hauling away the burned beams and dead animals this weekend I plan to update my links and pages. There are many blogger buddies not on the link roster (hang in there Debbie!) and a few in need of pruning (alas they are no longer with us). My ‘37.5 things about myself” needs updates and editing, especially the photo.  I like the one there but it’s getting a bit old (rather I am a bit older).

Then comes the cosmic question should I change the format? It’s been the same since its inception many years ago. I have mixed feelings: it feels quite staid and easy on the eye, but it also feels aged. I change my wallpapers on my phone and laptop more often than some folks change their socks  (and some Board members change their nether drawers). Spo-fan should not be shocked to see a few trial runs in the next week. I am open to comments good and bad.

After the rugs are replaced* we erect a new oaken round table –  this time with drilled holes to allow for computer and laptop cords. It’s long overdue: they need learn how to use such devices. Vikings maybe fierce in battle but they are big wussies when it comes to electronic devices. I’ve assured them rapine, piracy, looting, and trolling on line beats what they do by a country mile. I pity the poor tech-geek we’ve hired to set it all up. The last ones hired disappeared halfway through the job. I recall he was a tall man with his companion whom TBDHR instantly disliked on the suspicion they were Slavs. During the recent tidy up two skeletons were discovered in the dungeon behind the trapdoor underneath the board room. I was told there were just the bones of large rats.  Not even Sarah H. Sanders would try that one.


*’Rugs’ is code for hides, most of them now quite beyond repair given years of muddy boots and dropped doughnuts. I’ve persuaded TBDHSR not to replace them but let’s go to IKEA. I sense they won’t like the carpets much but they should enjoy all those Js and Ks.

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