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This is a short one. It’s late and I need some sleep. The Board of Directors insisted I fulfill the Contractual Obligation to put out so many entries in a month so here it goes…..  

30 April is Walpurgisnacht or Walpurgis Night. It is one of the pagan days of transition. This one heralds the end of spring and the start of summer (which ends 1 August). Walpurgisnacht is a sort of  ‘Halloween-lite”.  On this night the witches and fairy folk gather on mountaintops or in motels for revelry and shenanigans.  I did a Duck-duck-go search. It looks like modern W-nachts are more tame than those in medieval times. It looks like a night for bonfires and feasting and not too many demons. 

Alas there are no such activities happening hier auf der SpoHaus; it’s a disappointment. I guess I forgot to post the invites on Facebook. Someone and Harper are asleep in the deep and things are deadly dull and quiet. Tonight would be a good time for Henrik the Ghost to make an ingress but fat chance of that. The car key gnomes have hid the keys to the Elantra in their usual way and no more than any other night. Perhaps the Cup Sprites have moved about one or two more the half-consumed beverages in honor of the day.  Wandering Walpurgis-witches are welcome provided they don’t make too much noise and don’t mind the mess in the kitchen.  I sort of like the idea of witches appearing suddenly provided they are along the line of Cousin Serena or Uncle Arthur. Just my luck I get Aunt Clara. 

I guess I won’t bother waiting up for what’s likely to be a wash out. Oh well, there will be other Walpurgisnachts. I will have to hold out until Lammas Day or whatever they are calling August 1 these days. I will try to remember to make a cake and move around the cups and keys a bit to better the chances of demonic drop-ins.



Not happening in my house. 

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