Yes, you read that right. Someone and I got hitched today.

Last month we passed year #20, which got us thinking about our upcoming Palm Springs holiday. Do let’s get married, we said, while we were there. It seemed timely and our friends would be there as witnesses. There was also an element of doing so before Hair Furor tries to say we can’t. So we did.

I’ve sometimes wondered if and when I would marry. Once upon a time I had a cliche version in my mind but by adolescence I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I sensed if I did get someday get hitched it would be with someone and somewhere of which I will have no idea. The Fates (always ones for wry humor) made it with Someone, in Palm Springs, and with a bunch of blogger buddies. Ron, Pat, Shawn (Mr. Fearsome Beard himself!), and Tim and Larry were our groomsmen –  or Greek chorus depending upon your point of view. We kept the announcement a secret as we didn’t want anyone to feel obliged to get us anything.* My parents, brothers, and cousins all sent their congratulations; I told them a few days ago so they wouldn’t get the news via social media.

The ceremony took place in a California court house. It was pleasant, brief, and touching, like my men. We wore matching bowties and boutonnieres. Our wedding rings are from Vancouver, with Pacific Northwest Raven motifs.  Neither one of us broke down into hysterics.**   We didn’t say vows, although I had the following ready:

“And do you, Someone, promise to make whatever mutually satisfactory accommodations necessary to reduce tensions and arrive at whatever previously agreed-upon goals both parties have harmoniously set in the appropriate planning sessions?”


The mighty groomsmen. Well over four feet.  There was Fearsome Beard  (The Best Man), Tim and Larry (our witnesses), Ron T. (the best wedding photographer we’ve ever had), and Pat the foreign dignitary from Canada (the dear!) 

As a bonus, I became witness to a young couple who were getting married right after us. Adrienna and Oscar, bless them! They have no formal clothes, rings, or witnesses. I filled in when they asked and I took their photos.

Seeing other people’s wedding photos is a bit boring for thems who did not attend, so I will be brief. Happily, everyone took photos (Ron videoed it all from start to end). No doubt others will post their own versions of this connubial Roshomon.


Oh, there is a lot more to tell, but perhaps a wedding should be a private thing not for the internet. Or not. I have enough blog-fodder for several more entries!


*I told Mr. Fearsome ahead of time as well, so he would not leave Palm Springs as he had planned which was just before the time of the ceremony. Fatefully he became our Best Man. He also made a sweet wedding parcel. I will post it in a future entry of “Curious Things Around the House”.

**Someone got a bit weepy.